Lou & Grey Supersoft Sateen

Fine, call me biased, but I will NEVER not rave about Lou & Grey Supersoft Sateen pieces!

I know, I JUST raved about our Triple Cloth fabric. But listen…this is a completely different fabric that we’ll be discussing today. So I promise you need both in your closet.

So our Supersoft Sateen fabric is this silky, buttery soft woven fabric that is quite literally THE COOL GIRL fabric. It’s extremely effortless, and just so comfortable. These have been a tried and true Lou fabric since WAY before I was working for the brand, but I KNEW about the fabric when I was merely a customer. THAT’S how you know a fabric is a keeper — when your customer knows it, looks for it, and loves it.

The fabric is 100% tencel. While this isn’t the most environmentally friendly fabric (compared to organic linen and recycled cotton), it doesn’t require as much energy or water as cotton. So that is definitely a plus!

I can promise you this is a WARDROBE STAR — that comes in both a short AND a pant. My boss always laughs at me when I talk about this fabric because I would literally die on a hill for it. It’s honestly the 2nd fabric I think about when I think of Lou & Grey (obviously SignatureSoft is #1).

For sizing references — I would get your normal size OR size down if you’re between sizes. I wear an XS in both the short and the pant. And as always, you can shop pretty much all things Lou & Grey right here on my shop page!

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