Sezane Size Guide (+ Shopping Tips)

Sezane Size Guide

Your Guide To Sezane Sizing

I was introduced to Sezane through Instagram, and have loved their pieces since. They are an incredible French brand with incredible high quality pieces. I was hooked after my very first purchase (the Gaspard Cardigan). It was so simple, yet I found it to be so versatile. Since then, I’ve added 3 more Gaspard cardigans to my wardrobe on top of countless other beautiful pieces from Sezane. The quality of their items are top tier, and I’m excited for them to stand the test of time.

First things first, let’s talk about when Sezane new collections drop – they’re specific schedules and items can sometimes sell out pretty fast.

  • LARGE COLLECTIONS: couple of times a year, launch on Sunday
  • CAPSULES: once a month, launch on Sunday
  • RESTOCKS: Wednesdays/Sundays for sold out items and late styles

Make sure to sign up for their emails! This way you’ll be notified of their upcoming lookbooks (which give MAJOR inspo btw). They also do a really great job at hyping up a new collection on Instagram by posting drool-worthy videos of new pieces.

Sezane Sizing Guide

When it comes to Sezane sizing, you really need to pay attention to their website. Every style has a fit note, and I find those to be pretty accurate and straightforward. I look there first when I’m ordering something from a category that I don’t own from already.  Sezane sizing is (obviously) French, so they typically run smaller than US sizing. I typically buy smalls and 4s in everything and haven’t really run into many issues. Bottoms are a little trickier for me as I have a smaller waist and wider hips. For reference, I’m 5’2 and fluctuate between 110-120 pounds. I also highly recommend checking how Sezane is styling pieces – this will give you an idea of how they’re “supposed” to fit (cropped, boxy, loose, etc.).

Sezane offers free shipping on orders over $200, so sometimes it’s worth ordering two sizes to make sure you’re getting the best fit. Another perk? Free returns. I’ve always had a great experience with returns. I returned something on a Monday and was credited back on Thursday.

Now let’s talk about some specific Sezane pieces that I often get asked about.

Gaspard Sweater

I think this sweater may be one of the most popular items at Sezane. It was my first piece from the brand and it’s regularly restocked. They almost always have their basic colors in stock and then introduce some seasonal colors that tie back to the collection/season. One of the best things about this sweater is that it can be worn multiple ways. I’ve actually worn it backwards and and slightly off the shoulders. I also tend to wear them fully buttoned and half tucked into my jeans.

As far as sizing, I take my normal size and it’s pretty relaxed. If you’re looking for a little more fitted, you can size down. Also, wanted to point out that this is a wool sweater so if you’re sensitive, this sweater might not be for you.

Colette Mariniere

I absolutely love this top. I originally saw it when it was styled on the website with a black skirt. I thought the look was so chic and realized I was missing a white and black easy tee. The fabric on this is a thick cotton, making it feel super luxurious. I love the button details at the shoulder, adds another little luxurious touch.

I think this shirt runs true to size, and could either size up or down depending how you like the fit.

Sezane Sizing Guide


Sezane has a lot of incredible skirt options. I definitely gravitate towards their mini skirts – I think they come out with really interesting and fun silhouettes. Plus, I love them with a knee high boot. I have three skirts from Sezane and I finally think I nailed the sizing.

I’ve learned to size up in their skirts. I can range anywhere from a 24-26 in bottoms, and I have a smaller waist with curvier hips. The first skirt I purchased was the zip front that I’m wearing in the first picture of this post…and I made the mistake of sizing down. It barely fit, and by the time I got it, other sizes were sold out. But I just love it so much! So lesson learned, and I now size up in all skirts and pants.

Sezane Sizing Guide

Matilda Ballerinas

It took me almost a year to buy a pair of shoes from Sezane. But I’m SO happy I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Matilda ballet flats. They are so chic! Out of all the colors, I decided to go with the leopard. I just had a feeling leopard was really going to start  and I didn’t have ANY issue breaking them in. The leather in incredibly soft. They were overall just really, really comfortable.

When it came to sizing, I went with a size 6 – which I am 99.5% of the time. When I got them, I was a bit surprised to feel some space in the back. Luckily, I keep ankle/heel protectors on hand because I put them in every single new pair of shoes. I’m still unsure if I should have sized down to the 5, that just felt too small for me, ya know?

Clyde Trench Coat

The Clyde Trench Coat is a newer style that has completely stolen the hearts of customers. I’ve been seeing this trench all over social media, and I was insanely influenced. I was really torn on color (they are all just so perfect), but ended up going with the Ecru. But the real star of the show? The mini check lining.

I was also really torn on what size to get. I typically buy a US 6 in coats because I almost ALWAYS want to be able to layer. And even if I wasn’t wearing a ton of layers, I still prefer things to fit oversized on me. I did some research on Instagram, and looked to see if any people tagged Sezane in their post while wearing the Clyde Trench Coat and I decided to a size 4. This was also the recommendation on the website – if you’re between sizes, go one size down. If you’re petite like me, be aware of the length. Personally, I LOVE a long length coat, so I was actually excited about it!


I’m a big fan of Sezane accessories. I own so many of their square scarves. They are the perfect little addition to most of the outfits I wear, and I honestly love that. Over the last year, I also added some great jewelry, sunglasses (and currently have my eye on these), and cold weather accessories. The one thing they have in common? Everything is just so well made.

Shopping At Sezane

I recently downloaded the Sezane app, and I have no idea what I’ve been doing/why it took me so long to use it! Since sizes, styles, and colors tend to go quickly, you can set up push notifications for the app. I’ve learned this the hard way – seeing a piece in the lookbook that I’m DYING for, and then miss the launch and it’s sold out. Since I’m very much an impulse buyer, this style of shopping actually works for me. I think over the years I’ve really started training myself to purchase things I KNOW I’m going to have for a really long time and are super versatile. Luckily, most Sezane pieces – aside from the obvious super seasonal pieces – fit the bill. Another

Another tip — be careful of your order total. If you live in the US and your total is hovering somewhere around $800, you’ll have to pay a customs charge (and NO ONE wants to do that). So just something to keep in mind while shopping!

If you like to pop into a store to shop, Sezane has a couple of locations in the US: New York, LA, Seattle, and San Francisco. And of course Paris and London too!

Shopping at Sezane is a great way to incorporate stunningly made, amazing quality pieces into your wardrobe, and it’ll also help you feel more put together every day. And isn’t that the point of getting dressed?!

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