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Joie de vivre.

The joy of living. And man oh man this is a pretty great life. I’ve been thinking lately and I can’t help but think that I might actually have it all. Amazing friends and family, a crazy good job, great weekends. I’m an incredibly lucky girl, and because of that, I know I should be living life to the fullest – making sure I don’t waste any time by not doing the things I love or the things I want to do.

For this look, I’m basically wearing my favorite pieces. I bought the Turner pant in the summer and wore them a lotttt to work. Then it started getting colder, so I’ve been caught wearing my Pixie pants and a cashmere sweater more often than not.

And one day, I woke up and put this look together, and kind of loved it. My pointy toe pumps are the greatest thing to happen to my wardrobe (I think I need them in rose blossom). I wear them all the time. Seriously…just check out my past posts (HA!) 

Graphic sweatshirts are kind of new to me. I was never really a “graphic” anything kind of girl. I guess I never knew how to wear them…or find ones that I thought were fitting for my style/taste.

And then I started working a Kate Spade. This was one of the first things I purchased with my discount, and probably my favorite purchase (ok fine, my dresses and skirts were pretty amazing too). I wore it to work probably for over half my shifts, and a lot of times with skirts (seen here).



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