Sometimes it’s really hard being 5’1.

I can’t reach the top rails on the subway, so I always need to make sure there’s a pole near me (no, not that kind of pole, get your mind out of the gutter) to hold on to. People always use me as an armrest. And I hate that. It’s not cute or fun for me. I have to get a chair to reach the top shelves of the cabinet. Oh, and people think I’m younger than I already look because of my height.

And then there’s clothes. Pants are always 25% longer on me than on others – my legs are pretty stumpy. UGH! Even when I shop the petite section, things are usually still a tad long…hence the reason why I’m forever cuffing and rolling my denim!

Enter Ann Taylor.

I got an email and in it was one pair of pants styled three ways….and I loved all three looks so much that I immediately ordered a pair for myself. Luckily, they have a petite section, so I ordered my normal size in the petites. I was nervous when they arrived at my house, but was thrilled to see how well they fit. 

They’re a little more cropped than I expected, but I think they’re the perfect pants for work. Since I don’t like being too dressed up for work, I paired it with this lightweight sweater with a fun leather piping detail on the sleeves. And I kind of want to wear them with flats during springtime errands, cute right?


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