Hi, I’m Here! (A Little Check In)

I’ve officially been living on my own for a month. 

It’s been one month since I moved into my own apartment, and I gotta be honest — it’s everything I’ve ever wanted…and more. Sure, I lived “on my own” in college. And even last year, I was pretty much on my own throughout COVID. But there was always that “I’m going to go home now” feeling (aka back to my parents’ house). I didn’t have any of the responsibilities that came with living on your own — rent, cooking, cleaning, etc. But after a month, I couldn’t be happier.

Over the last month, I’ve just been feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness – like I’m exactly where I belong at this point in time. As I’m writing this, I saw that Grace posted a little check in over her on blog. It came at just the right time, because my thoughts are a little all over the place right now! I took a page from here book and decided to make this post more of a little check in (as opposed to me just TRULY word vomiting over the screen LOL). So I would love if YOU could also jump in on the conversation, as I’d love to catch up with you too!

How are you feeling? I can’t stop saying how happy I am. I really can’t think of ONE thing that I’m unhappy with in my life. Work is great. I love my new neighborhood – Rob and I have been exploring the area on the weekends together which has been so fun. I’ve also been taking morning walks and just soaking it all in. I haven’t been this happy in a long time – I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Work has been busy. I feel like I’m definitely failing as a blogger (DRAMATICCCC). I really used to pride myself on the fact that I managed a full time job and my blog. But then life just kind of got in the way. I didn’t feel like writing or taking a lot of pictures. My creativity was just at a low point. To me, I’d rather not put out any content than put out half assed content.

What is your city like? New York City is coming back – I feel it. Things are opening up — we’re allowed to sit at bars and just order drinks (previously you had to order food if you wanted alcohol), in a few weeks the 12am curfew will be lifted, and in July the city plans to reopen at 100% with no restrictions (but masks may still be required). I can tell people are out and about more. I’ve been to two classes so far — indoor SoulCycle and outdoor yoga — and I wanted to cry both times. It felt SO good to be back in that group fitness setting. I have a feeling this summer is going to be a good one.

Social anxiety? Grace talked about this in her post, and I can 1000% relate. I was talking to my friend last week about how I get anxious when someone is near me — whether it’s on the subway, on the sidewalk, or in the store. It’s weird to think about interacting with people in a social setting again. Small talk? Never did well with it. And I certainly did not miss it. I think everyone will be in that adjustment period (especially in New York), so at least we’ll all be in the same boat. I would seriously love nothing more than to go back to my office. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen until September (and even then it’ll be on a part-time basis), but I’ll take it. I just really miss hanging with coworkers, bouncing ideas off each other, and doing my job IN PERSON!!!

Travel? Hell yeah I want to travel. Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I’m itching to do something. I still don’t really know what the rules are in other states, countries, etc., and I’m not in a rush necessarily…but a getaway definitely feels needed. I thought it was so funny that Grace mentioned continuing to wear masks on planes — because SAME. I ALWAYS get sick after being on a plane. When I was on a flight the last time (last August), I didn’t get a cold! It was amazing LOL. So I think I’m really going to stick to wearing a mask on flights going forward.

Something you’re loving right now? I mentioned a earlier in this post that I’ve been going for coffee walks in the morning. For most of the pandemic, I woke up .2 minutes before I had to open my laptop to start working. I didn’t really have a sense of routine. Sure, life was really weird last year, but I think if I had had some type of routine, things would have felt somewhat “normal”. Regardless, I’m on week 2 of this new routine and it’s honestly been AWESOME.

I would love it if you answered these questions too! A lil check in is always a good idea!!! SO, HOW ARE YOU?

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