The Only Holiday Gift Guide You’ll See From Me (Under $200!)

With the insane shipping delays (I am ALL. TOO. FAMILIAR. with these delays), I figured it would be a good time to get a bit ahead on my holiday shopping. Trust me, these shipping delays are NO joke, so when you hear to start shopping now…you should.

I don’t usually do gift guides, but that’s because I’m not typically the best gift giver (and that actually stems back to my anxiety — I fear that anyone I give a gift to will hate it. ANYWHOOOO). But I’ve been seeing SO many cute things around, and felt compelled to share them with you. When I was putting together this “gift guide for her”, I definitely had a few different types of people in mind — and that’s why everything is $200 or less.

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

coffee table book | I picked up this book a month ago, and I love seeing it on my coffee table! I try to read one story per week. It’s a satire based on pieces of clothing worn by New Yorkers and the stories behind them. Naturally, it’s something I LOVE.

hair brushes | I don’t know why, but I just feel like this is a pretty good gift for a friend. It got really good reviews on Amazon!

beanies | Beanies are like the things you want SO MANY OF, but don’t want to keep spending money on them, ya know? So if I got a beanie as a gift…I’d be stoked.

water bottle | A great gift to serve as a friendly reminder for your pal to stay hydrated!

throw blanket | I recently saw a meme saying that even though you could have 1381209383 throw blankets, you can never have enough. And that’s honestly so true. I don’t even have places to put my throw blankets, but I can’t stop adding them. I got this one from Amazon and LOVEEEE it (don’t get me wrong, I also love my Barefoot Dreams one too).

ring | Anytime I post this on Instagram, I get questions about it. My exact one is sold out, but I found quite a few options on Etsy. I seriously wear this ring NONSTOP. I don’t shower with it, but I’d assume you probably shouldn’t.

slippers| I love being cozy. So I assume everyone else also loves being cozy. These slippers are cool because there’s a lot of different options and colors to choose from.

signature soft | Obviously, a shameless plug for Lou & Grey, but how could I not. We’ve coined the term “gift of soft”, and I honestly love that. There’s NOTHING better than throwing on your SignatureSoft sweats. I can promise you that. Make someone else equally as happy as you — you won’t regret it.

bracelet | If you see me, I’m going to be wearing these bracelets. I LOVE gifting them to people. That’s really the point of the company to begin with — and I love that. I’ve given so many people bracelets right off my wrist because I felt like they needed them right then and there in that moment. But hey, if you don’t wanna give yours away, you can definitely gift them to your pals!

robe | Again, we love cozy. If you really want to make a friend or loved one happy — I would give them this robe. That is all.

sunglasses | Amazon honestly crushes the sunglasses game. There are SO MANY OPTIONS. I found myself browsing for these, and thought they’d be a cool gift for a cool friend.

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