4 Influencers I Love Following

Not going to lie, I miss the days where influencers LOVED sharing each other’s content. I think nowadays everyone is just completely all over the place or completely focused on themselves. I remember back in the day people would do “follow Fridays”. Of course, that’s back when this industry was not oversaturated. Now it’s almost TOO HARD to pick content creators you love to share — because there’s just so many to choose from! 

Emma Cavanagh | I started following Emma maybe in 2020, and have loved her content from the beginning. On Instagram, she shares her beautiful, tight capsule wardrobe. It seems to be filled with neutrals, and pieces that you’ll love and wear for years. Also. HER HAIR IS GOALS. Over on her blog, she shares everything from fashion to beauty to lifestyle and career posts.

Dileiny of Love Fashion & Friends | As soon as I started following Dileiny, I was SO impressed by her content and her collaborations. She has incredible style and actually should be in the dictionary when you look up “cool mom”. She gives MAJOR (and attainable) outfit inspiration over on her Instagram and blog.

Jessica of An Indigo Day | I’ve followed Jessica for a few years now and really love her dedication to her website and brand. She definitely motivates me to always put my blog above everything (which seems to be hard these days). Jessica shares a lot of really great tips from all areas of life — fashion, home, and beauty!

Emily | Emily and I have been friends for YEARS now thanks to Instagram. I think I remember the first time I met her at The Blog Societies Conference in Charleston — she had on a little metallic mini dress and I was like “THIS GIRL IS SO COOL”. She always knows the best ways to incorporate staple pieces with fun, quirky pieces. Also, she recently bought a house (I MEAN, YOU GO GIRL), and I told her I NEED her to decorate my next apartment. I mean, how cute is her gallery wall?!

I personally LOVE finding new accounts to follow. And if you’re not an influencer, but enjoy following them, here are a few helpful tips that would mean the WORLD to us:

  • Engage with our content — ESPECIALLY if you love it. Comments are SO helpful when it comes to brands looking at our content
  • Share our content — to your stories, with a friend, DOESN’T MATTER!
  • Save our content — YES, brands look at this too!
  • Send us a DM — there’s nothing I love more than TALKING to the people who choose to follow me.

Now tell me: Who are some influencers YOU love to follow!?

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  1. 10.29.21
    Jane said:

    I’m with YOU! I fell hard for the Gucci Princetown! I have turq velvet fur, pink fur, classic black, red and mud, obsessed!