FOR THE BODIES With Custom Ink

When you find a special (and I MEAN SPECIAL) group of friends, you don’t let them go.

muscle tee // tank // long sleeve // t-shirt // hoodie

By now, you all know about the group of people I’ve met through the SoulCycle and SurfYogaBeer community. And boy, I am THANKFUL for them. Over the last year or so, these people have become like family to me. We all have our inside jokes, but we have one particular one that is kind of the theme of our friendship.

It’s simple, really.


Yup, you read that right. “For the bodies” has become the theme of our friendship, thanks to our friend, Mitch. Basically, it means that pretty much everything we do is “for the bodies”. It’s silly, it’s fun to scream out in a SoulCycle class, and it just describes us all pretty well.

When I was approached by Custom Ink, I knew they would be a GREAT partner for an idea I’ve had in mind. Our group of friends have always wanted to create t-shirts or something, so I wanted to surprise them with something fun.

Custom Ink is THE place to go for quality custom apparel. In fact, I’ve been using Custom Ink for YEARS. When I was a Student Ambassador in college, we would get all of our fun gear from Custom Ink. As you can see, Custom Ink has you COVERED no matter what your group and/or event it!

What I loved most about this process is the fact that Custom Ink made everything SEAMLESS. I am, IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, a designer. But I kind of had an idea in mind for what I wanted.  (PS: Custom Ink does have an option to upload your own artwork…ya know, if you can do that sort of thing.)

The first part of the process was picking out what I wanted to print on. Custom Ink has an insane product catalog that was really fun to sift though. But my mind was made up on these hoodies as soon as I saw them. Since tie dye is such a trend right now, I was super excited to get a design on it. I spoke with a rep from Custom Ink, told them the three necessities for the hoodie:

  • Our two favorite emojis: The flex emoji and the water drops emoji
  • Font idea (wasn’t super sure of this, so it was nice to constantly talk through it with a designer!)

And it was THAT simple. Custom Ink even provided me with a few rounds of edits to ensure my 100% satisfaction. I was impressed with the size range for these styles too. It was super easy to pick out sizes for all of friends.

I couldn’t have been happier with how these turned out. I was SO excited to share them!

If you’re in the market for products for your upcoming event, project, gathering, OR REALLY ANYTHING…I highly recommend Custom Ink. From hoodies to t-shirts to drinkware to tote bags (and honestly everything in between), you’ll be able to create something really special for your group!

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A big thank you to Custom Ink for sponsoring this post.

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