Elle’s Edit: Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

I’m a true believer of the season of giving.

Each December, especially before the end of the year, I always take some time to reflect and count my blessings. This year was a tough one of my family and despite the hardships, we have it pretty damn easy. I have a roof above my head, food on my plate, a job, and great friends and family. What more could I truly ask for? I find that this is the time to give back and do some acts of kindness during the holiday season.

Write letters to the military. We actually did this yesterday at work! There are many organizations online on how to write to the military but my favorite is Operation Gratitude. If you know me, I love our military and our first responders. I am so incredibly grateful for their service and their sacrifices so this is the least I could do to say thanks!

Donate your clothes. Make this a New Year’s resolution of yours to clean out your closet. Instead of trying to sell the pieces, donate them! Find a local woman’s shelter, salvation army, or dress for success!

Buy someone coffee. I love on Instagram where you see bloggers/influencers buying a Starbucks gift card and letting their followers get coffee on them! I think it is a such a sweet gesture. Another idea is the next time you get coffee, pay for the person behind you. You will make their day and it’s guaranteed they will do something for someone else.

Toys for tots. When I was younger I would always ask Santa for blankets for the poor or toys for children. My dad and I would always go to Toys R Us and load the entire truck with toys for kids and drop it off at our local police station. It was so special and I loved giving back and have been doing that since I was a little kid!

Buy a reusable water bottle. Why not also give back to Earth? This year I have to say I’ve been much better about bringing a reusable bottle with me to a workout instead of buying a bottle of water. It is so easy once you find a bottle you love. I love this bottle for working out and this one that I keep at my desk at work! I need to do better about doing this with my coffee especially when I go out to get coffee so I’m going to purchase this on-the-go mug.

Get your doorman / mailman a gift. Since I live in the city and I don’t ever see my mailman, I always get my doorman a gift to tell him how thankful I am for keeping me safe and helping me with all my issues! I think it is more personable to get a gift or make a dessert than to give money. I always also write a nice note saying how thankful I am. If you don’t have a doorman I encourage you to do that for your mailman! Put something in your mailbox and write a letter! You will make their day!

What are your favorite ways to give back?

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