What I Love Gifting People For The Holidays

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I am a terrible gift giver.

Maybe this is partially selfish, but I think I don’t like giving gifts to people because I’m nervous they’ll hate it. And I OBVIOUSLY want them to love whatever it is I’m gifting them. However, there’s a few things that are absolute fool proof when it comes to gifting. ALL OF THE COZY THINGS!!!!

throw blanket

I LOVE a good throw blanket. And I know many people do too. There are SO many options for throw blankets. For starters, Home Goods has a ton of really affordable, comfortable options. Right now, I have my eye on a few throws from Anthropologie. I personally own this blanket and it is AWESOME. It’s super cozy (obviously), and looks really luxe on my bed. I love that it comes in so many colors too!

self care night

Who doesn’t love a good night in and a little self care? It’s SO easy to round up a few of your favorite beauty products and create a little basket for a friend or family member. Personally, here’s what I plan on gifting:


As mentioned in this post, candles are just the best. They instantly put me in a happy/calm mood. So why wouldn’t you want to gift someone a great scent? There’s a lot of different candle options out there (much like the throw blankets), but I personally love gifting SUPER COZY scents. Or really calming scents – I currently have eucalyptus and spearmint in my room, and it makes such a nice difference when it’s burning!


I gifted one of my friends, Ailsa, this scarf last year for Christmas and she STILL loves it. I might be biased because it’s Free People, but I own three of these scarves and they’re honestly a perfect gift. That is if the person you’re gifting it to lives in a cold weather climate. (DUH.) They’re super oversized and unbelievably soft. The colors we have available this year are SO SO SO good!

hand cream

Elle and I have a joke called “prayer hands” because before bed we both LATHER our hands with Nivea cream. And then we’re forced to lay there with “prayer hands” while we wait for it to soak in. I don’t know about you, but the winter just DOES SOMETHING to my hands (and Elle’s apparently). Nivea is actually an awesome, super rich cream that does WONDERS for my hands during the harsh winter months. So I mean making a gift out of it doesn’t seem like the worst idea, right?

What are some of your favorite go to gifts to give others!?

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