The Friday Edit, Vol. 76

From what I’m eyeing and buying to what I’m up to over the weekend, to links I’m absolutely loving. AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. This is your weekly edit, by Dana.

the edit

High: A few weeks ago, I lost my little card holder with my credit cards, MetroCard, ID and health insurance. I figured it was an absolute goner. UNTIL SOMEONE RETURNED IT TO THE MTA. I picked up my card holder with EVERYTHING in it on Tuesday! Even though I had already cancelled everything in my wallet, I was still shocked someone returned it. Now I need to pay it forward somehow!

Low: Rainy weather. BOO. Oh and my body ACHING from skiing last weekend. LOL.

the weekend update

I’m looking forward to a little holiday weekend in New York City! Tomorrow, Allie, Elle and I are going to see The Nutcracker. Now I’m not necessarily into ballet or anything, BUT I’ve always wanted to cross this off my bucket list. We’re getting dinner before as well – it’s kind of becoming a tradition. Ok fine, we skipped last year but the year before that we did Del Friscos and The Rockettes. So this week I told the girls it’s DEFINITELY going to be a tradition to do something Christmas-y together along with dinner!

On Sunday, I kind of just want to do nothing except eat and watch football. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

the links i’m loving this week

the things i’m eyeing and buying

today i will…

Treat myself to a hot chocolate.

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