Elle’s Edit: How To Be a Good Coworker

Whether or not you work in an office setting, you are considered a coworker to all.

New York City fashion blogger, The Champagne Edit shares How To Be a Good Coworker with Elle’s Edit! Check out the tips and tricks!

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before but I’ve been working in Corporate America for a couple years now and have learned a lot. Whether it is learning how to multitask, work with difficult people, or cram to get tasks done, it has been quite an adventure. By far the hardest thing that I’ve had to deal with has been dealing with difficult coworkers and bosses. If you think about it, we all have different personality types and spend more than 40 hours a week with each other. FOURTY HOURS+ hours. That is insane. Since we all work in different environments, I wanted to share the do’s and don’ts of being a good coworker.

Do put in your fair share. Just like in school when you had to work on a project, make sure everyone contributes the same amount. I’ve been saying this to my team for over a year now but the “one team one dream” mentality is where it is at.

Do give credit when it’s due. Don’t take all the credit when someone helped you. It is again a team effort and there is nothing worse when someone takes full credit for something. Just don’t go there.

Do volunteer to help your coworkers for help if you see them struggling. I feel like with my job I am either slammed with work or just coasting by. When I say coasting I mean I am still very busy but not to the point where I’m so overwhelmed and forget to eat. When I see my coworkers struggling or saying that they are stressed, I always ask them if they need help with anything. I love when someone does that to me so I make sure I return the favor.

Don’t be shady when it comes to getting a promotion. There are different ways at getting a promotion. It is obvious when someone is working hard and is well deserving of a promotion and then there are people who go behind everyones backs to network with RANDOM people to get that promotion or recognition. Don’t be that person. Sure, fight for what you believe you deserve but just know you don’t need to be shady about anything.

Don’t say you are going to be working from home when in reality you aren’t. This is my biggest pet peeve. I’ve worked with so many people who work from home on Fridays and don’t even ask our manager. They just work from home without telling our boss and if you message them they either don’t respond or respond HOURS later. Like you are NOT working. I’m not stupid. Stuff like that grinds my gears and honestly just isn’t fair.

Don’t compare yourself to others. It is easy to compare yourself to others when you are constantly in a group setting. Sure work can be a competition, but remember we all bring different talents and skills to the table. Stay true to yourself and know you will be working for a LONG time so there is always time make some improvements.

Don’t talk about others behind their backs. I’m guilty of this where I’ve messaged my coworker (who is my friend) and we shit talked on our other coworker. It is fine to vent but just be careful. Always have your guard up on who you tell things to because not everyone can hold in a secret. And trust me, work tension is not fun.

What are some tips you have on being a good coworker?

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