How To Go Days Without Washing Your Hair

Never thought I’d write a post about how to prolong your dirty hair.

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But here we are.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’ve been doing the “days without washing your hair” thing since HIGH SCHOOL (I started high school in 2006, by the way). So I’d like to think I’m an expert. Here’s how you can go days without washing your hair.

Train Your Hair/Have a Plan

I mean I don’t think you can actually “train” your hair, but we’ll just call it that for now. I swear over the last few years, my hair has been less and less oily between my washes. I used to wash my hair every other day, then every two days, and now sometimes I’ll go 3-4-5 days without washing my hair. I remember when I first stopped washing my hair every day, it would be oily on day 2. I always know my hair will look great on days 2 and 3, but by days 4 and 5, I have to get a little creative with what I’m doing with my hair. This usually means low buns, braids, etc.

Find Products That Work For You

Since I’ve gotten really good at not washing my hair, I’ve tried a ton of different dry shampoos. My latest and greatest? Waterl<ss No Residue Dry Shampoo. I love that just a few sprays of this help to prolong the days between washes. I’ve also been incorporating Waterl<ss’ Weightless Smooth Dry Conditioner as well. I typically use it on days 3/4 when my hair is dull and tangled.

My top secret pro tip? Use dry shampoo prior to a workout. This allows for time to absorb the oils.

What I really love about Waterl<ss is their origin story! A group of scientists were looking for a way to improve non-wash hair days for a diverse group of hair types. They created products that ACTUALLY clean your hair without using water. Around the same time, Cape Town, South Africa was experiencing a water crisis in 2018. The city of 4 million was just three months away from running out clean water. Waterl<ss tested their products here to give women an option to get clean, fresh hair without using a single drop of water.

Make It smell nice

I don’t always love washing my hair after a workout (especially if I have plans afterwards). I love that Waterl<ss has these fragrance mists that I easily throw into my gym bag. I’ve actually never thought to use a fragrance mist, but when you think about it…MAKES TOTAL SENSE. Not only does my hair smell awesome even after a few days of not washing it, but it also helps tame frizz and static!

photos by allie provost

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