Broadway Show Reviews 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I LOVE Broadway. I love everything about it, and I love seeing as many shows as I can!

Linda gave me the idea to do reviews of the shows I’ve been to that are still currently on Broadway, and I thought that was such a great idea! I’ve been blessed to see a ton of Broadway shows thanks to my parents. My very first show was Peter Pan and I will NEVER forget it. Since then I’ve seen everything from Sound Of Music to Cinderella to Mamma Mia to Beauty and the Beast…and everything in between.


If you don’t want me to yell at you, GO SEE THIS.

I MEAN. WHERE DO I BEGIN. I first saw Wicked in 2003 with my mom and sister and remembered loving it. In 2018, my addiction truly began. I saw Wicked 5 times in 2018, and 3 times in JANUARY ALONE. I know, so aggressive. But I love Wicked for so many reasons:

  • The story line: I mean the creativity of the story behind the witches of Oz is truly amazing. It’s so fun to see how they intertwined the story (which was originally a book) and the movie. You’ll never guess the twists and turns. Oh, and the stage effects and production are also SO good!
  • JESSICA. VOSK. Ok the real reason why I freakin’ love Wicked so much is because of Jessica Vosk. She plays Elphaba (the Wicked Witch Of The West), and her voice is honestly one of the greatest I’ve ever heard. I sob (dramatic, but I do cry a lot) from the moment Elphaba enters the stage till the curtain drops. LITERALLY MY QUEEN. If you know me, you know how much I love her.
  • The underlying themes – Being different, friendships, love, etc. are all themes throughout Wicked. UGH. I could cry thinking about it!

Come From Away

If you wanna know the untold story of 9/11, go see this.

This show really surprised me. I remember when it started, Allie, Elle and I all looked at each other like, “What the heck did we get ourselves into?”. But it REALLY turned around. The story is based on a true events on September 11, 2001. A bunch of planes (I believe 36) were diverted to a small, small place called Newfoundland. The population like double in size overnight. The people of Newfoundland welcomed these strangers with open arms. I laughed, I cried, and I definitely walked out happy that I saw it.

King Kong

If you’re expecting amazing acting and singing, you probably won’t want to see this.

Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed by King Kong. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the monkey was INSANE (it takes 15 people to operate him). I wasn’t super impressed by the stage effects or the acting and the songs. Still an enjoyable night, but not at the top of my list to recommend.

The Prom

If you like seeing social justice, go see this.

Oh this was a GOOD one. Honestly, when my sister and I got tickets, I had NO idea what the story was. But man…this was A GOOD ONE. The show is about washed up Broadway actors who receive horrible reviews for their latest show. In order to redeem themselves, they want to “do good”. So they quite literally go on Twitter to find breaking news and found a story of a young girl who wants to take her girlfriend to prom. They’re from a small town in Indiana, so there’s some controversy. The actors pack up and head to the town to cause mayhem…and they did. Again, I laughed SO SO SO much, I cried, and I really realized how lucky I am to have grown up in a place where we’re pretty inclusive of people no matter their race, gender, or orientation.


If you wanna build a snowman, go see this.

Allie invited me to see Frozen last year and we were STOKED to go. I mean, it’s basically a classic at this point. Honestly, just such a feel good show. That’s really all I have to say about that.


If you like history, go see this (before March 31st).

I’ve always been pretty intrigued by the story of the Romanov family. Yes, Anastasia was based on a real girl…except the Disney version and the Broadway show has a MUCH happier ending. I really thought Christy Altomare played an incredible role — she has an amazing voice! The show is less about the magic and more about the history (so Allie wasn’t a HUGE fan, but I was).

Book Of Mormon

If you like South Park, go see this.

I had been DYING to see Book Of Mormon for a long time. I’ve always been a fan of South Park, so I knew this was gonna be good. In full disclosure, it is vulgar, political, and might make some people feel uncomfortable. But my sense of humor is perfect for a show like this.

Mean Girls

If you wanna make Fetch happen, go see this.

When Allie and I saw this was coming to Broadway, we IMMEDIATELY got tickets when it was in previews. Mean Girls is one of the greatest movies of our generation, obviously, so we were REAL excited to see this. They cut out some iconic lines (I think because they want to be more empowering and less catty) which kinda sucked, but it was still really funny. I LOVED the actor who played Damien – he played in Book of Mormon when I saw it the first time, so it was cool to see him in another role. Obviously this is a good, light-hearted show to see.

The Lion King

If you like the Circle Of Life…go see this.

I had been putting off seeing The Lion King for YEARS. I just never thought I’d be into it. Matt’s mom got all the ladies in the family together last year and got us tickets. While it wasn’t my favorite show, I still enjoyed how they turned humans into animals. And obviously cried when Mufasa died. UGH.


If you feel the Earth move under your feet, go see this.

I always LOVE seeing shows that relate to music I enjoy. I know my mom and sister are reading this and saying, “Oh but you didn’t think you were gonna like this one.” And it’s true. At first, I was skeptical about going because I didn’t think I’d know any music. BOY WAS I WRONG. Carole King went through SO much in her life and really put out some of the greatest music. I honestly didn’t know JUST how iconic she is.

Jersey Boys

If you like Sherrrrry, sherrry babyyy, go see this.

My dad is a big fan of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, so we obviously got him tickets to see this a few years ago. I really, really loved this one. Since I pretty much grew up on music like this, this was really enjoyable. I also love getting to know the background of the artists.

The Cher Show

If you can turn back time, go see this.

My mom LOVES Cher, so my sister and I surprised her with tickets in November. Again, loved how fun the show was. The three women who played Cher at different stages of her life were all REALLY good. Definitely a fun show to see with the person who loves Cher in your life.

Pretty Woman

If you make BIG mistakes, HUGE…I don’t really recommend this.

I was STOKED to see Pretty Woman. It’s one of my FAVORITE movies. But I was actually pretty disappointed. Allie and I looked over at each other during intermission and we both knew it was disappointing. Obviously, there are some fun moments, like when she goes shopping and such, but overall…wasn’t my favorite show.

Want to see: Dear Evan Hansen, Aladdin, Hamilton, To Kill A Mockingbird, Waitress, Kinky Boots (ending in April).

I’m seeing Ain’t Too Proud on March 1st with my family because my dad and mom LOVE The Temptations and Motown. So naturally, that was passed on to me and my sister. Apparently my dad used to sing “My Girl” to me when I was little, so that became our song…so I can’t wait for them to play that during the show:)

What shows have YOU been to and what’s on YOUR list?

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