Elle’s Edit: What It’s Like To Be An Only Child

Just like having a sibling, being an only child definitely has its pros and cons.

Isn’t it funny when you are raised in a family with siblings and you can’t imagine what it would be like without them? Well, that is the same with me. I can’t imagine what life would be with a sibling. Growing up I’ve always wanted a sibling. I would ask my parents constantly for one and as I got older I knew chances of that actually happening were becoming slim. My mom had a really really hard time getting pregnant after facing some late miscarriages. She was on IVF for a while and this was the final chance and God luckily answered my parents prayers and I was born! (Trust me, I use that to my advantage by pulling the “miracle child” card). All jokes aside, being an only child comes with its perks but also some downfalls.

Relationship with my parents. As an only child, your parents instantly become your best friends. I have such a close relationship with my parents and I could’t imagine what my life would be like without them. When we go on family vacations, to dinner, or even to go the grocery store we are a party of 3 and that is all that we’ve known. My dad is one of 11 which is CRAZY to even think about but he would always say he didn’t have the closest relationship with his parents just because of how many siblings he had and that just makes me even more grateful for the relationship that I have with mine. Growing up, I would always find something to do with each parent to make our relationship special. With my mom, it would always be to go shopping, the beach, or sit together and read. With my dad, it was all sports. I am the biggest sports fan and I thank my dad for that!

Not having that sibling bond. I have always had incredible friends that feel like family. When I am close with someone it almost feels like a sister that I’ve never had. I can’t imagine what that bond would feel like with someone who you are related to but I can feel a special bond with my close friends. As my parents get older my biggest fear (that is a reality) is not having someone to help me take care of my them. When my grandma was sick, my mom and my aunt would rely heavily on each-other to take care of her and also themselves.I know this will be hard but I pray that I can rely on my close friends and hopefully future family of mine.

Independence. I like to believe that I am a strong and independent person and I believe it is from my upbringing. If my parents were busy when I was younger I would have to find something to do myself. On the other hand, I’m lucky that I do enjoy being social too. I found the balance of having “me” time without distancing myself from others.

Now, I want to talk about the common assumption(s) that everyone talks about. Only children are spoiled. I am not afraid to admit it but I totally understand why people think this is true. We do get constant attention from our parents but our parents do not get us everything we want and if we do, that is the parents fault. I know some only children that are so spoiled and their parents get them everything. It pains me inside. My parents did an amazing job at teaching me the value of a dollar and as hard as that was being younger I am beyond grateful that they did. The best compliment that I’ve constantly received is “I’m shocked that you are an only child.” It is so refreshing when people see me other than the fact that I’m an only child. Society has put such a negative twist on being an only child but I hope that changes. I can’t reiterate enough but it all goes down to how the parents raise their children. Trust me, there are a lot of people with siblings that are even more spoiled!

What are your thoughts of an only child? Do you know any?

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