Blue Light Glasses At Different Price Points

You guys, the digital eye strain is realer than ever. That’s why I’m so into blue light glasses.

Blue Light Glasses To Help With Digital Eye Strain -- Different Price Points

Honestly, I’m wearing blue light glasses from about 8:30AM to 10:30PM. Every Monday-Friday without fail. I believe in blue light glasses SO much. I believe it’s a real issue that not many people talk about. I wrote a post about digital eye strain a while ago (including how random episodes of vision loss and numbness in my hands led me to get diagnosed with chronic migraines), and I still don’t think people know how important it is to raise awareness for digital eye strain.

You can look at The Vision Council’s site to read more about digital eye strain, but today I wanted to talk more about the glasses that really save me the headache (literally). Since wearing my blue light filtering glasses, I haven’t gotten ONE migraine. So that’s a year and a half without them! I will cheers to that!

If you want to know JUST how much I love my blue light filtering glasses, I can say that I have a pair EVERYWHERE: At my office, at my desk at home, on my nightstand, and in my bag for when I’m reading on the train or at Matt’s house. Yup, I have a different pair for all of my most-frequented locations;) I often get a lot of questions on Instagram about my glasses, how I like them, where I got them, etc. It got me thinking about how I have a pair from a ton of different brands at a lot of different price points.

My short answer is: No. It doesn’t matter what brand you have. I mean, they’ve all been working for me, and I’m on my computer A TON. So I wanted to share the brands I have with you today because they’re all at different price points — which means you have NO excuse not to buy some.


I now have three pairs of Pixel glasses, and honestly I love them a lot. I have these in tortoise and these in black and clear. Both styles just fit my face really well. They made the migraines stop so I feel like I’m forever indebted to them;) You can also get your prescription added to the glasses (I don’t wear prescription, but I’ve always wanted to LOL). I have a coupon code for you too — use “DANA” at checkout to receive a discount! YIPPEEE.


I first saw these frames on Meggan of Somewhere Lately, and I was like OH THESE ARE FUN. So naturally, I bought them LOL. They’re definitely more fashion forward, but I think they’re kinda fun! I keep these at my desk at home, so as soon as I sit down, these babies go on. Whenever I post them to my Instagram Stories, I get a lot of questions about them, so I figured I should definitely mention them in a post! I will agree that these are definitely on the pricier side, but they can be worn as fashion glasses as well as being practical, so it can totally be justified.


This pair is like the secret weapon…since they’re only $15.99! I keep this pair at my office, and I definitely see an improvement in my eye strain when I have them on. When I first started at Free People, I noticed my team was wearing glasses and then I told them I was so happy they were wearing them! Soon enough, all of the Sales team also had their blue light blocking frames. We literally all have the exact same pairs, just in different colors. I love how many colors this pair comes in! I have the olive green ones. They’re just so cute on!

For whatever reason, digital eye strain is something I’m really trying to “educate” people on. It’s seriously insane how many negative effects screens have on our eyes. Since I’ have a lot of different pairs at different price points, I wanted to make sure I shared them with you so that you can pick out the perfect blue light glasses to protect your eyes!

(And don’t get me started on our skin. I wrote more about blue light and the defense beauty products I use — so be sure to check that out.)

photo by lydia hudgens

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