Why The Champagne Edit Didn’t Feel Like MY Brand

I kicked off 2018 on a fresh note. As you should. So long Pink Champagne Problems, hello The Champagne Edit. But something wasn’t exactly right. Ugh.


My re-brand happened quickly because it just felt like the perfect opportunity. I jumped on the idea of launching in 2018, and just did it. I did all of the “important” back-end stuff like domains, Instagram handles, redirects, etc. But I think I may have forgotten the most important part about a re-brand. THE ACTUAL BRAND.

Yeah, it’s true. I rushed my re-brand. I was so eager to just get it out there, that I forgot about my brand. I was so sick of the namePink Champagne Problems, that I didn’t want to continue blogging if I didn’t have a new brand. Major fail, huh?

I knew what I wanted my brand to be, but it didn’t start out that way. I loved the layout I launched with: A sleek design that was easy to navigate. In 2018, there aren’t too many blog readers out there left, so I knew I needed to capitalize on an easy website design. But then that was about it. No color scheme, no logo, no BRAND. And in 2018, you need to have a brand to succeed right?!

About 2 months ago, I felt discouraged. My brand wasn’t a brand. It was just a website. So I decided to do something about it.

I looked all over for recs about website designs, had a few consultations with designers that were just WAY out of my price range, and then I “met” Chandler. After looking through her work and speaking with her over the phone, I knew she was going to be the girl to get The Champagne Edit to become a brand. And she did. I gave her these words: “Authentic. City Chic. Sophisticated. Fun” Sure all of those words don’t have to do with each other, but they’re me. And that’s what I want my brand to be about.


I think the reason why so many of you come here is because I say what others are thinking. Whether it’s writing about the times I f*cked up brand collaborations or the horror stories of the blogging community, you guys seem to appreciate the conversation I start. And I LOVE having these conversations with you. Although not everyone agrees with what I say (like when I decided to skip New York Fashion Week), the conversations we have are really amazing. I want to make sure I’m always bringing these conversations to the table.

City Chic

New York City is one of the biggest motivators I have. I work and live in the greatest city in the world, and I know my blog is what it is because of this place. Not only would I not have incredible locations to shoot at, but I also wouldn’t be me. There would be no sassy comments, no recommendations…NOTHING. I want The Champagne Edit to always have a little big part of New York City in it.


When it came to an actual logo/branding, I knew I wanted to be sophisticated. I wanted branding that I wouldn’t get sick of. Nothing too cutesy. You know? I love the idea of handwritten logos, so Chandler nailed the sleek, minimal design and font. I also knew colors shouldn’t be too cute over here (I literally used to have like a bright baby pink, UGH), so she helped me narrow down to a color palette that I think works into the sophisticated theme!


Okay, we all know I’m not truly an adult yet, and I LOVE not taking life too seriously. This blog is supposed to be fun. The minute this blogging thing stops becoming fun, I’m quitting…and that’s the truth. I genuinely love everything that comes with this blog (even if I complain about some things). This is meant to be a creative outlet, a community, and just a fun space where people like to come every day.

So cheers to The Champagne Edit: A sophisticated yet fun brand that encompasses all things New York City in an authentic way. I hope you enjoy the new site and the brand! As always, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send me an email.

photos by allie provost

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