Even though I can dress SUPER casual at work, I like to think I have an off duty look (Editor’s Note: I totally wore this to work). There’s something about a great pair of ripped denim that gives off a cool girl vibe. Although let’s face it, I’m not that cool.

….feel free to argue my point and let me know just how cool you think I am 😉

If you remember from this post, I styled my ripped denim with booties and a leopard beanie. Sure, that outfit can be considered an “off duty look” too, but when I really think of off duty, I think of serious walking while running errands for the day. My cardinal red Tieks have been my tried and true commuting/errands flat. My favorite part is still that they roll up and can be easily thrown into my bag once I get to work!

I chose red because they’re a fun pop of color (plus I already own neutral colors in these similar flats). 

And then there are days when you can fake the off duty look. How? By throwing on a pair of heels and going to work. 

Because let’s be real, I would NEVER be the girl that runs errands in heels. That’s just a huge WTF in my head. Props to people who can do that, but I know my feet would be screaming at me if I was running around all day in heels.

But still, sometimes when a look is “too” casual (oh, is that actually a thing?), throwing a pair of heels on just works for the look. I also decided to tuck my shirt in only to see how much dressier it looks (obviously, untucked on the weekend). I surprisingly loved it!

There really are days when you want to be comfy but not too casual, and that’s always where my favorite pumps come into play (and also explains why I have four pairs of them)!

Oh yeah, this shirt *insert heart eye emojis*. I reached out to the Frank & Eileen team because I was so interested in their Irish background and intrigued by the fabrics used for their shirts. As a Merchandiser, I work very closely with fabrics, so I always appreciate when companies are super invested in the qualities they use!

This top is the Barry style, which means it’s a little tailored for a slimmer fit (I went with a Medium, btw). It’s made of Italian cotton poplin (LOVE) and has a permanent crinkle which was a cool finish to me because it makes it look more casual!

I encourage everyone to check out Frank & Eileen – and hey, if you can’t choose, there’s a feature that helps you pick your perfect shirt (i.e color, fabric, fit, etc.). I have my eye on this cozy flannel next 😉

PS: You can also style your man too!



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