And just like that, a new year is here. I’m looking forward to 2016 being the year I do bigger and better things with Pink Champagne Problems (in all aspects, but especially outfits), but I wanted to take the time to look back on my looks from 2015! It’s fun seeing how my style evolved in just 1 year! It really shows how powerful fashion is!

Below I’m sharing 20 of my looks from 2015 – some good, some bad, some badass, some classic…and everywhere in between. Did your favorite make the list?

ORIGINAL POST HERE: How I accidentally wore a maternity sweater (and loved it)

ORIGINAL POST HERE: One of the best top knots I ever had 😉

ORIGINAL POST HEREHaving fun mixing prints and graphics

ORIGINAL POST HEREMy first shoot EVER with Lydia!

ORIGINAL POST HEREA story about how I flashed everyone at Lincoln Center during NYFW (photo by Lydia)

ORIGINAL POST HERECamel hues in Washington Square (photos by Caroline)

ORIGINAL POST HEREThe return of iced coffee season

ORIGINAL POST HERETwirlin’ around like my good old days at Kate Spade

ORIGINAL POST HERE: The day my obsession with these shorts became real.

ORIGINAL POST HERE: Drinkin’ champs in a fancy dress…Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

ORIGINAL POST HERE: Saved up for these babies for so long!

ORIGINAL POST HERE: Hanging in Flatiron (see full post for my favorite heels – photos by Lydia)

ORIGINAL POST HERECouldn’t commit to all white – so I threw a vest on 😉

ORIGINAL POST HEREDressing up my boyfriend shorts

ORIGINAL POST HEREA dress over denim? Groundbreaking.

ORIGINAL POST HEREAll black looks require a pop of color

ORIGINAL POST HEREOne of my favorite looks on Pink Champagne Problems!

ORIGINAL POST HEREOne of my most viewed posts of 2015!

ORIGINAL POST HEREAnd the obsession with OTK continued…

ORIGINAL POST HERE: Vest, vest, and more vests


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