Bedroom Decor I’m Loving

I’ve never been much of a decorator, but lately I’m super into it.

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I’ve never been the girl to get heart eyes over decor. It’s just not me.

Usually I want to put my money towards shoes or clothes or a bag. But recently, I’ve been wanting to make my bedroom a little more cozier. So I’ve been doing lots of little updates here and there!

get that selfie mirror

Because everyone needs that #ootd picture, right? I purchased this mirror about three years ago and I LOVE it. It’s the perfect “selfie” mirror and at a great price (under $50!). It also helps make my small bedroom look a bit bigger. Highly recommend this mirror.

put up some shelves

My walls were always pretty bare, and I just never wanted to hang up photos or anything. I picked up these shelves and they’re the cutest little addition to the wall where my desk is. They’re not super sturdy by any means, so they’re definitely more of a decorative piece than a practical one.

add those faux succulents

If you know me, you know I just can’t/won’t take care of things. Imagine me trying to take care of a plant? YEAH NO. Obviously, I left it up to the trusty Internet to find me some fake succulents. I posted a video to Instagram Stories and people actually complimented them. They really don’t look fake at all unless you really hold it up to your face. I knew they were a good pick up! They add a cute, minimal touch to my decor!

And if you WANTEDDDD to go the real route (good for you, OK???), Urban Outfitters has some adorable options. I’d definitely be interested to see how they ship them!

hang your hats

I have a lot of hats. And I don’t wear hats ALL that often. So really they just started taking up space. I think I’m going to try this DIY for hanging them!

utilize a clothing rack

I had a really ridiculously crappy clothing rack from Amazon for like two years. It was broken and ugly and sometimes I’d wake up to a huge crash of all my clothes falling to the ground. FUN TIMES.

I had seen this rack floating around Instagram and thought it was SO adorable. I just didn’t really have space for it. Luckily, I did a little reworking, got rid of an entire dresser (thanks to new built in shelving in my closet), and mounted my TV to the wall. I purchased this rack and I’m IN LOVE. It’s just prettier. And the shelves are super convenient for storing some shoes and bags!

snuggle with cozy blankets & pillows

I wrote about cozy blankets and pillows in this post. There is honestly NOTHING better than coziness during the winter. I’m all about making my bedroom super cozy, so let’s chat about cozy blankets and pillows again. I wanted to share a little more about this crocheted throw blanket over my bed. I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that a girl I went to high school with posted these blankets. I quickly realized that she was the one making them…and placed an order IMMEDIATELY.

I’ve actually never felt anything cozier in my life. This throw blanket is such a fun addition to my bed, and it is WARM. It’s perfect for winter nights of snuggling by the fireplace or to use as an extra layer over your comforter.

Some other great options are this Barefoot Dreams throw (kind of pricey, but heard amazing things) and this Anthropologie blanket (I own this!).

add a patterned rug

I feel like rugs are the “big thing” on Instagram. Especially fun, patterned area rugs. I was going for an orange and teal vibe in my bedroom, so I purchased this rug about a year ago and I LOVE IT. I think rugs just add a cool element to rooms. I even like the idea of having a patterned rug in kitchens or bathrooms too!

Do you love decorating your room? What are some of your styling tips?

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