7 Shoes You’ll Want To Wear For Fall

I really never thought of myself as a shoe gal, but here we are. I’m DEFINITELY a shoe girl. And I realized I’m even MORE of a shoe girl in fall/winter (obviously…way more options). When thinking about my current take on personal style, I started thinking about shoes for fall. And it really is simple: Shoes for fall basically MAKE an outfit.

Cowboy Boots

I’ve always had a thing for the western trend. I think I owe that to my time at the Free People offices. But I REALLY love the western boots. So much so that I snagged three pairs of boots/booties last fall and spring (and currently on the hunt for a nice brown pair). I’ve surprisingly have gotten SO much wear out of them. I feel like they’re classic enough for any outfit, but also add that nice little juxtaposition to a look.

Cowboy Boots: Shoes For Fall

Maryjane Flats

There’s something super classic about a Maryjane flat or heel. When I picked these up from J.Crew, I knew I’d love ’em. I’ve been mainly wearing them with jeans, but I think they’ll look great with skirts and dresses too!

Mary Jane Flats: Shoes For Fall

Fisherman Sandals

This was a big trend I started to see in the middle of summer. And I’m SO glad I purchased these when I did. I got to wear them with dresses and shorts and been wearing them with jeans and trousers more recently.

Fisherman Sandals: Shoes For Fall

Ballet Flats

I dedicated an entire post to ballet flats here (I also mentioned them in this post), and I really just love them so much. I think you just need 1-2 good pairs and you’re good to go. I absolutely love wearing them with straight leg jeans. They add such a classic feel to any outfit.

Ballet Flats: Shoes For Fall


Loafers are TRENDING right now. I honestly could have combined these and the next type of shoe. But one thing stopped me. I’M not personally a huge fan of lug sole loafers on myself. And ya know what? That’s okay. It’s called PERSONAL style for a reason (and that’s why I love fashion so much). I love a classic loafer. My Gucci loafers are some of my most worn shoes ever (and this post is actually one of my most popular posts of all time). Again, they add a classic element to pretty much any look…and clearly they never go out of style.

Loafers: Shoes For Fall

Lug Sole

I jumped on the lug sole bandwagon when I bought these boots that I’m wearing in this post. So while I may not love the lug sole loafer, I’m still loving lug sole boots. I have these on my wish list!

Lug Sole Boots: Shoes For Fall


I’m very thankful that I owned a pair of Boston clogs before they were cool (except I got them in the Mink color). I cannot believe they’re sold out absolutely EVERYWHERE.

Birkenstocks: Shoes For Fall


I’m VERY into a sneaker right now. I have my eye on two designer pairs that I feel are very necessary to my wardrobe. Right now, I’m switching between these Everlane sneakers and my Nike Air Max 90s. The Everlane sneakers are great for more casual, everyday looks. And the Nikes are great for weekends when I know I’m going to be getting those steps in. I find both of these sneakers insanely comfortable too!

White Sneakers: Shoes For Fall

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