3 Reasons To Become A Tea Drinker

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stash Tea. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been a tea drinker for as long as I could remember, thanks to my mom. Although I definitely love my iced coffee every day, I still enjoy at least a cup of tea a day. There are SO many reasons why you should be a tea drinker – so let’s talk about it.


I mean there’s nothing worse than craving something, but having to wait for it to be done. I get that sounds pretty ridiculous, but I’m a very impatient person. So when it comes to tea, I love that it’s just a few quick minutes before I can drink delicious hot tea. I also love that it’s easy to take anywhere. You know I’m ALWAYS on the go, so I usually have my tea with me in the morning for my commute to work.


I mean, there really is.

Let’s use Stash Tea for example. Are you tired and just want to chill? Then I’d suggest the Asian Pear Harmony. It’s a super light blend that instantly calms your soul..and warms your body. Are you thirsty? Stash Tea’s Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea is a bold, thirst-quenching (and also has matcha in it). Are you looking for a treat? Then I’m going to go with Chai Spice (personally my favorite flavor!). It’s slightly sweet and strong. It goes perfectly with milk, and can be enjoyed at ANY point during the day! What about if you’re feeling sick? Then Lemon Ginger is probably the way to go! I also love adding honey to this flavor when I want a sweeter, smoother taste.


We can’t forget about those days where you’re out and about all day long and looking for something refreshing. The great thing about tea is that it’s also versatile;) You can easily add some ice cubes and turn your tea into an iced beverage!

Are you a big tea drinker? If so, try out Stash Tea for yourself – I PROMISE there will be a flavor you love! Now you could save 15% with the coupon code: danamann15!

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