Elle’s Edit: How To Be Productive at Work

Working hard, or hardly working?

We all need to work to make a living and enjoy our best life so how can we be productive AF and make the hours/days/weeks/years worthwhile? We all have a set period of time during the day (mine is usually 8am-6pm) where we have to grind it out and get sh*t done. Some days are slower than others but some days there are honestly not enough hours in the day to do it all. I wanted to share some tips that work for me to be more productive at work.

Get in early. 

I love getting into the office early simply because it is QUIET and there are zero distractions. I luckily am a morning person so it makes it much easier to get in earlier. Whenever I get in the office I just start grinding it out right away. I open up my planner, quickly check emails that came in over night, and just get to it. I know my time is limited considering people start getting into the office by 9 but I find this so productive and a great way to start the day.

Sometimes you need to work during lunch.

It is so important to take quick breaks during the day to give your eyes and mind a rest. Mine typically is during lunch when I’m not super busy. I enjoy leaving the office for 15 mins to grab some food and for the most part I usually just eat or my desk or I find time to eat with friends.

Find a quiet place to work.

I’ve been doing this recently because we hired two chatty cattys that literally will not shut up. Harsh, I know. But when you are staring at excel for a long time and trying to do something complicated you want it fairly quiet and you don’t want people constantly asking you questions about everything imaginable. I found a place in the “collab space” in my office that is usually fairly quiet that I enjoy going to when it is so loud at my desk or I simply need a break. The one thing that I encourage you doing is telling your manager that this is something you like to do and it helps you get your work done. I had a coworker once do this where he would be away from his desk all the time but would never get work done and we all knew it. You just need to be careful of that!

Prioritize tasks.

We are such busy bees and it is so important to prioritize tasks. Every task is always business critical and needs to get done ASAP but is it really? Don’t feel afraid to push back and tell people what you have on your plate because some tasks simply can wait until tomorrow.

Use a planner.

I honestly don’t know if I would be able to function without a planner. I write down EVERYTHING and love crossing it off my to-do list. Another thing that I’ve been doing is blocking off time on my Outlook calendar if I really do need time to get work done. I don’t block out every hour just because that is so annoying to people who are trying to schedule a meeting on my calendar but it helps me have time to myself to get things done.

What are your tips on staying productive at work?

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