Blogging Anniversary | What 7 Years Has Taught Me

It’s officially been seven years since I hit “publish” on my first blog post.

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I’m not as lazy as I think I am

I guess we can start with a funny one. I’m definitely more on the lazy side when it comes to every day life. Oops, sorry not sorry. But I’ve published A LOT of content over seven years. I’ve gotten up at 6AM to shoot on a day off. I’ve sacrificed weekends to work on writing. There’s a lot that I do every single day for the blog that I don’t necessarily share. But when I look back over the last seven years, I’m really proud of the work I’ve put into this space.

You CAN adapt to change

Seven years ago, blogging was solely for fun. I remember going to blogs (I think Rachel Parcell was the first blogger I ever followed) and enjoyed seeing how creative people were (FYI, we just kept getting more and more creative). When I started the blog, I simply wrote about college events and eventually started posting my outfits. Then, I started creating friendships with other bloggers that were around. And thennnnn Instagram became a thing. And the influencer space seemingly grew overnight. For those who have been blogging for YEARS, and I mean truly blogging, we’ve had to go through SO many changes. From websites becoming read less to the number of followers on your Instagram profile, bloggers had to adapt to how they thought about what was once a hobby. Which brings me to my next point…

It’s cool to own your own business

Over time, hobbies became businesses. When I started this blog, I NEVER thought it would lead me to creating my own business. How insane is that? At the age of 25, I started my own business. I’ve learned how to file taxes, invest in programs, outsourcing, and products, and have brands want to work WITH ME. Yeah, it’s definitely a pretty cool feeling.

Part of an extremely important industry

Seven years ago, this influencer industry was nothing. And now look. People rely on influencers to help inspire them. Brands rely on influencers to help GROW their brands. So much responsibilities come with being an influencer, and it’s honestly really awesome just how many people can take on this role. And do it WELL. I also love that it’s an industry that could be for anyone if they wanted to be part of it. How cool is that? Fashion, tech, food, and MANY more industries are shifting because of the influencer space. It’s only getting bigger and bigger – and with that comes more importance!

photos by allie provost

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