How To Prep And Pack For A Winter Getaway

This past weekend, Allie and I were in Kennebunkport, Maine for a fun winter getaway!Winter Getaway Prep And Packing by popular New York style blogger The Champagne Edit

It was seriously the perfect little trip, and such an easy drive! Before this, I had never been to Maine, so I really took it all in! We were invited to the Paint The Town Red press trip, so it was all about bringing people to this quaint summer town during the colder months. I’m such a sucker for cold weather, so this was the perfect winter getaway for me!

I had a lot of fun buying cold weather pieces and planning my looks for this trip, so I wanted to share how I went about packing!

The cozier the better

This is probably a given. But I was just so excited to be ridiculously bundled up ALL day, errrday (and night). There’s something about a cozy outfit that makes me so happy! I’ve been searching high and low for ALL things cozy, and of course I found some really great sweaters, scarves, and hats! I basically transformed into a cozy winter getaway snow bunny;)

Gotta think practically

While I was VERY into all of those cozy pieces, I had to keep in mind the temperature and the weather. It gets really cold in Maine, and there was still a ton of snow around. It was also extremely icy. So my Gucci loafers weren’t the most practical, right? (But let’s be honest, I still brought them because I love them so much.) I picked up some new footwear to sport in Kennebunkport…and they fit perfectly in with the snowy theme!

Think about the location

New York City winters means trying to find things that are still chic. And probably not super practical. So that’s why you see fashion bloggers/influencers wearing the most ridiculous things in the winter. Sure, we wear coats, but a lot of times we don’t photograph them. But Maine? It was ALL THE COATS. ALL THE SWEATERS. COZY VIBES EVERYWHERE. We were indoors for a few of the events planned for us, so I wanted to take that into consideration. I kept things really simple. I knew I didn’t need to go all out considering Maine isn’t the fashion capital of the world.

I can’t wait to share my full recap from my winter getaway weekend! I’m already having so much fun going through my photos and writing about our time in Kennebunkport!

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  1. 1.29.18

    Definitely agree with your tips/recommendations. I CANNOT wait for your full recap of the trip. It looked AMAZING!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 1.29.18

    yayy! had the best time this weekend! miss you already!


  3. 1.29.18

    Can’t wait to see the full recap, sounds like it was so fun!

    Xx Taylor

  4. 1.29.18

    Truly LOVEd all the cozy snaps I was seeing of you guys! Usually I hate having to layer up, but when you can make it fun with the best cozy accessories it is the best!

    xx Caroline

  5. 1.29.18
    Jenn Lake said:

    Great tips! Happy Monday, lady!

  6. 1.29.18
    Allie said:

    I went to Maine a few times in January for a ski trip and it was SO COLD (and I had been living in Boston at the time which isn’t exactly warm). We all dressed like the kid brother in A Christmas Story! You’re outfits sound much chicer, I can’t wait to see pictures from you’re whole trip! xAllie

  7. 1.29.18

    I can’t wait to see all your pics from this weekend!! I love the outfit above so I know I’m going to love the rest!

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