Why I Can’t Give Advice To New Bloggers & Influencers

While it’s no surprise that I don’t have a million followers, I still get quite a few questions about tips for new bloggers and influencers.

I actually genuinely love helping others. Especially when it comes to blogging and “influencing” (I want to punch myself for saying that, but whatever, it flowed). I’ve noticed over the years that I started blogging a LONG time ago. Things were REALLY different in 2012. Instagram was barely a thing. I understand nowadays it’s SUPER overwhelming to just dive into blogging and/or “Instagramming” – ugh I hate that. At the end of the day, I’m still going to try my best to help someone do something they want to start. I just need everyone to understand my side of the coin. So let’s dive right on in.

Blogging comes second.

This is a pretty general statement. And one I know a lot of people don’t agree with (I’m actually one of them). Now that Instagram is what it is today, blogging seems to have taken a back seat. Everyone is so concerned about Instagram and their numbers and their followers and what everyone else is doing. So when people reach out to me, they’re initially speaking about Instagram. For me, my blog is where my true focus is. And it’s been paying off. Since October, my numbers have been increasing month over month…and I’m really proud of that. But while we’re at it, let’s talk about Instagram.

I haven’t really grown on Instagram.

I’ve fluctuated between 20k-26k since, oh, I don’t know, 2017-ish? That ain’t too good. Sure, it’s a little disappointing, but honestly, I just look at my business overall. When I look at those kinds of numbers, I know it’s going to be A-OK. I honestly have no idea how to respond to people when they say “How do I grow a following?” There’s so many articles, tips, tricks, etc. floating around that you just don’t know WHAT to believe. Personally, I try not to let Instagram bother me. I want it to be a space to PROMOTE my website…because at the end of the day, that’s where I want people to end up.

I’m trying to keep up just like you are.

The digital space is FOREVER changing. But trust me, I DO understand where someone is coming from when they ask for advice. I sort of have the luxury of being able to adapt to the changes, as opposed to diving in. So I really do understand that it’s super overwhelming. The way I look at it, we’re seriously all just trying to keep up. We’re all having to try new things just in order to stay relevant. Whether it’s engaging more, changing to more lifestyle content, or even video creation…there’s always something new we have to teach ourselves.

If you’re not new to this space, what are your feelings on giving advice to someone who is just starting out?!

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