Elle’s Edit: The Best Workout Gear

There are hundreds of brands that sell workout clothes and it can be pretty overwhelming. 

Over the past couple of years there have been more and more brands appearing in the workout apparel/athleisure world. Not only are there so many brands but there are also thousands of different styles for each type of workout. You have leggings that are made for yoga, pilates, HOT pilates, cycling, running, walking, you name it! I don’t know about you but I don’t have the budget where I can have multiple pairs of leggings for each activity. I try to find the ones that work best with all types of workouts.

Lululemon-  this is an obvious one as everyone and their mother has a pair of lululemon leggings. I currently have a love/hate relationship with their workout gear. I love their align and wonder under leggings for yoga/pilates/barre however have yet to find a pair that I love for running. For Christmas I got a pair of their Fast and Free leggings and have broken out into hives every single time I’ve worn them running. It must be the new fabric along with running for over an hour but it definitely is not ideal. Another piece of clothing of theirs that I love are their zip-ups. They are so comfortable and I’ve had mine for years. If you are on the fence about taking the plunge due to the price, do it!

Outdoor Voices- I purchased my first pair of Outdoor Voices leggings in January and didn’t have the best experience. The type that I bought would constantly fall down and was so annoying when working out and even walking! I emailed customer service and oh my goodness were they so incredibly nice. They gave me a free pair of leggings that fit my needs better and helped with the sizing. When I received these leggings I automatically fell in love however since January they have become more and more thin and definitely aren’t as elastic as they used to be. Still a great brand and willing to give them another try!

Old Navy- fun fact, I love Old Navy workout clothes. You can’t beat the prices and honestly the quality isn’t that bad either! I have a couple of leggings along with tops and haven’t been disappointed. The one thing that I’ve realized is that I haven’t found a good running legging yet from here. The ones I have are a little thicker and too heavy to run or even do SoulCycle in. I guess I have to try to find them because I know they are out there!

Fabletics- I was tempted by the 2 for $24 deal that has been ALL over social media. The one catch is that it automatically signs you up for a yearly membership where each month you have to buy something to keep that membership. I am still on the fence if I want to cancel it or not but I am impressed with the leggings that I’ve received. They remind me of the wonder unders from lululemon and wash great so far! I’m curious to see how long they last because the prices are great and everyone keeps raving about this brand.

Some brands that I want to try are Athleta and Zella from Nordstrom. I’ve heard great things about both companies and will probably make a purchase soon. I am definitely in the market for more tops so any brands that you love please share them below!

What are your favorite workout gear brands?

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