What I’ve Learned From Working At Home With My Significant Other (+ Tips To Doing It!)

As much as we love ’em, it ain’t easy being with your partner  24/7. Especially when it comes to working.

As if working from home isn’t stressful enough (and my company just announced we’ll be working from home through August), many of us have another wrench to throw into the mix: Our relationship with our partners.

To give you a little bit of a background: No, Nick and I don’t live together. However, we started this whole quarantine thing together, so we’re riding it out together. I’ve been at his apartment for a little over two months now (whoa). At first, I thought it was cool and fun to spend every moment doing the same activity together. That quickly became unrealistic and created tension between us. Naturally, we’ve gotten on each other’s nerves. Which I think is kind of normal. Like, there is NOT ONE PERSON YOU’VE EVER SPENT 24/7 WITH……..UNTIL NOW. So it was a lot, and it was hard. I think most people who are doing this with their partner can agree with that.

Now, 8 weeks in, I think we’ve both learned what works for us, our jobs, and our relationship.

find your own space

This was probably the hardest adjustment.

First, I was working from the other room on the couch so that we could have our own space while on calls and whatnot. But then I was tired of not having a desk, it wasn’t a good set up for my back at all. So Nick set up a desk for me…but we were in the same room. This was fine for a bit, but it became difficult to coordinate phone calls and meetings. Granted, I did enjoy being in his company and we had a good playlist that we liked listening to together (Elton John Radio, DUH). After a few weeks of this, and getting to a point at work that I needed to be in meetings from 9-to-5, I headed upstairs to the kitchen table to work. I made a little space for myself at the table, clean up my work space after the day is over.

work hours are work hours

We didn’t see each other from 9-to-5, Monday-Friday pre-Covid, so why should we be seeing each other during Covid (you know what I mean)? Now that I’m upstairs and he’s downstairs, we are definitely seeing less of each other unless it’s breakfast or lunch time. Before we got into a groove, we were kind of just doing things during work hours: Rearranging this room, talking about this project, etc. But now, we’re both pretty busy with work, so we decided that work hours are work hours, and we’ll do things after work (unless urgent help is needed, ya know).

decide on routines that work

Obviously, work days look different for both of us each day. I have more of a “routine 9-to-5”, and Nick pretty much has a bunch of business calls throughout the day on top of the yoga classes he teaches and other projects he’s working on. If it were up to Nick, he’d be up at 6AM every day. Luckily, it’s more like 7-7:30. Pre-Covid, most days he’d be out by 6:45 to teach his classes. So that meant I slept in and woke up around 8:15 to get ready for work. Not gonna lie, I’ve been “sleeping in”, hitting the snooze button more often than not, and hopping out of bed to immediately get to work. I actually just told Nick I want to start waking up around 7AM when he usually gets up to allow myself to do a coffee run, spend some quality time together, and prep for the work day ahead.

We have a pretty decent routine at night and have it down: Nick teaches yoga on IG Live at 5:30, then we shower, make dinner, (sometimes take a walk), get any additional work done, and then put our phones away for the night and try to go to bed together. I don’t know, maybe I’m needy, but I like going to bed at the same time.

sneak in some hugs or kisses

On the flipside, I’m so thankful to be able to have Nick to do this quarantine thing with. I really do enjoy the time we get to spend together, so why not sneak in a hug or kiss between meetings? Instant mood booster.

What are some of your tips from working at home with your significant other?

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  1. 5.18.20
    Alissa said:

    YES GIRL (Also can we talk about your fonts on this? I need an Empress Tutorial from you!!!!!

  2. 5.18.20
    Laura Leigh said:

    Okay this is the cutest and I absolutely loved reading it! Definitely agree on having your own space and deciding on a routine. Those have been so necessary for us! I was honestly terrified when Joshua said he’d be working from home but today is his first day back in the office and I totally miss him now. Missing those little hugs and kisses throughout the day!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 5.19.20

      Thank you! I figured it could potentially help some peeps;) I know I’m going to miss Nick when we get back to “normal”. So definitely making the best of it!

  3. 5.20.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    This was so helpful lovely! THANKS!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  4. 5.20.20
    Morgan said:

    A blessing and a curse all in one right? That’s how I feel haha .. not really, but it is quite the shock to go from spending about half (or less) of you waking hours together, to ALL hours together. This advice is great though and I agree that having your own space is key!

    the HER chronicles [] http://theherchronicles.com

  5. 5.20.20
    Ashlee said:

    Love the insight on how y’all are making it work! Michael and I have both worked from home for different periods of time over the past few years, and one of the biggest things that makes it work is not chit chatting during the day! Just like you said, we see each other for lunch and maybe for a quick walk or two during the day, but other than that, we don’t really interact that much 9-5. It also makes it nice to ask about each other’s day when 5 o’clock hits.


    • 5.21.20

      I love that that approach has also been working for you guys! Yes! So nice to make it like a “real” work day where you don’t see each other all day and then get to chat about how each other’s day went!