A Week In The Life Of A Fashion Merchandiser – Part 3

My career as a Fashion Merchandiser is fun, challenging, and something I’m really passionate about. I’ve really enjoyed writing this mini-series for you and always appreciate the kind words about my job! So let’s get into Part 3…

A Week In The Life Of A Fashion Merchandiser -- A Pink Champagne Problems Mini Series - A Week In The Life Of A Fashion Merchandiser - Part 3 by New York fashion blogger Pink Champagne Problems

WEDNESDAY As seen in Part I and II of this series, this week has been so hectic. Market is always hectic for a fashion merchandiser. I stayed in the office later last night so that I could completely wrap up Knits ATS follow-up. Now I can focus 100% on Wovens, the last ATS product category.

This meeting started on time at 10AM. So I didn’t have much time to get through all of my emails. All of our teams were pretty set on finishing earlier than 4PM, so we started right on time. We got on a conference call with two of our Sales representatives in California (we have an office there) and Miami (actually our headquarters). With wovens, fabrics are extremely important. We get tons of different fabrics submits in, and during this meeting we compare new submits to our physical samples. We go through and see what works for us price-wise and make sure if we are changing fabrics from the sample, that it looks good (duh). This is where we get sign off from ALL parties: Merchandising, Sales, Sourcing, and usually the President of our company. We need everyone to be on the same page when it comes to production.

Wovens is my category, so during these meetings, as a fashion merchandiser, I need to make sure I’m taking really great notes and paying attention to everything that everyone is saying. After the meeting is over (it did end early!), I immediately begin working with Design on making necessary changes to styles, so that they’re looped in. Then, I begin going out to our overseas offices to inform them about any new submits we need to see and approve ASAP. My next step is to go through our Market Chart (where I keep record of every change that happens during market for all categories) and reiterate notes form the meeting — color changes, color drops, price changes, style drops/adds, etc. This document is imperative every season. It reminds Sales what they need to do for their buys, tells the Product Coordinators what they need to update in our PLM system, and shares updates for those who aren’t at our meetings.

Just like I mentioned in previous posts, the show must go on even when we’re in market. We’re in the midst of designing and developing two other seasons…and two other non-Collection lines. So yeah, there’s a lot of work that must be done. Luckily, my team is extremely supportive and we’re always there for each other when it comes to getting sh*t done. It makes the hard work a lot more bearable knowing that I have a great support system!

Luckily, I finish everything on time, and am able to go to an event after work. A fashion merchandiser just never stops;)

Check out Part I and Part II of my mini-series A Week In The Life Of A Merchandiser!

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  1. 10.9.17

    Seriously loving these posts and hearing more about your job. Market definitely sounds insane but it also sounds like you totally rocked it!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 10.9.17

    How interesting, thanks for sharing. I’m planning to do a ‘day in the life’ post soon too, it’s fun to read about what other people’s work lives are like.

  3. 10.9.17

    I am loving these posts and find it so interesting. Market sounds hectic, I’m sure you run on coffee 😉 I would! haha, but you seem to handle it like a champ!

  4. 10.9.17
    mahryska said:

    such an interesting series of posts!!! your job sounds painfully hectic but oh so fun and fulfilling too!!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  5. 10.10.17
    Jenn Lake said:

    Loving this series so much! Yay!