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Isn’t it crazy when you think about how much your life has changed in just two years?

Two years ago, I was just graduating from college with no job (so recent college grads: keep your heads up!). Just two years ago, I thought being 21 meant I was a real adult (PS: I wasn’t). And just two years ago, I didn’t realize the importance of a good pieces to have in your closet (And I’m still learning about this).

Although I work in a pretty casual office (which I’m sure most of you know if you’ve been following for a while), I’m slowly but surely realizing just how important your “power” pieces are. A good little black dress (also talked about in this post), your go-to blazer, and a pair of trousers are always going to be perfect wear-to-work pieces that will last you a lifetime. And show off your true professionalism.

Enter W by Worth.

I was recently introduced to the brand (thanks to Olivia and Erika) and was invited to the showroom (which was stunning, by the way). I quickly noticed that their pieces really were about the young professional wearing pieces that made her feel good for work (and for play, just you wait and see). When I put on this vest, I imagined it being the perfect Spring/Summer layering piece. Andddd a fun fact (and also, TMI): I get hot so easily…which is SO not cute for me – in the warmer months I try to stay away from anything with sleeves really.

This vest is definitely office appropriate and almost acts as your third piece – taking place of a blazer. I know many people can’t get away with being sleeveless in the office, but for those of you who can, this is the piece for you.

Since I love this vest so much, I’ll be styling it again soon on the blog – showing you a completely different way to style it!


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