Tweed & Trims

When I laid eyes on this dress, I fell in complete love.

This was almost two and a half years ago. I had just started working at Kate Spade, and I needed a few more dresses that were girly, fun, and appropriate for work….without breaking the bank (after a few paychecks that all changed – my closet is filled with Kate Spade clothes).

My friend, Claire, showed me this dress at Target and I told her we need to get them now. So the two of us headed over to get it – and it’s been one of my favorite Fall/Winter dresses since then! It’s definitely hard to make this dress “casual”, but I like that. So I try to find different ways to wear it in a dressy way. I  I usually switch it up by wearing it with different shoes or layering a different shirt underneath.

Boots here, but love wearing this dress with pumps too.

Dress: Target (super old)
Shirt: J.Crew (one of the best tees ever)
Boots: Couldn’t tell you where they’re from (love these)
Earrings: The Pearl Source
Clutch: Saint Laurent
Sunglasses: Amazon (nope, still not joking)



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