Finding my SOUL

Yep. It happened.

At approximately 7:37p.m. last Thursday night, I knew I would be hooked on SoulCycle. I can’t even explain what I felt, and only someone who’s been to SoulCycle before would understand why it’s unexplainable. So all I could really say: I recommend you take a class.

Buuuuut, here are some thoughts I had during the night:

Walking into the studio…
Wow, this place is clean. I like it.
Ooooh, they have smartwater. This is already my kind of place.
Did I lock my locker? I don’t even remember the code.

Getting on the bike…
OK, so I have to clip into the bike…as if I’m clipping into skis. Should be easy. 
Hmm. This is harder than I thought. Why can’t I clip into the damn bike?
Great, someone has to help me. Now everyone knows I’m a noob.

Class begins…
Ummm, I’m out of shape.
What’s tapping back?!
Why can’t I find a rhythm? I thought I had moves.
OK, I can do this – let me start tapping back.
And now he wants me to do a push up? Why? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Another turn of resistance?! SERIOUSLY JOSHUA?!
Can’t breathe. Yep, definitely really out of shape.
Maybe I should not focus on how out of shape I am.
Wow. He’s really motivating.
WAIT. He just said if we don’t turn some resistance on he’ll spank us like 50 Shades of Grey. I love him so much.

Laps. Laps. And more laps. UGH.
And now a hill.

Can I download this playlist?
One pound weights, pshttt I got this.
I’ve always had zero upper body strength.
CRUUUUUUNCH HARDER! California body needs to be here in 3 weeks or less.
I deserve a cheeseburger.
Final minutes, I can do this!
Push, push, push – you got this!
Andddddddddd I’m finished. So. Much. Sweat.

I didn’t die. I completed my first SoulCycle class. And afterwards, I felt great. Yep, I was out of breath and sweating from places I didn’t know were possible, but man did I feel GOOOOOOOD. It was such a great physical and mental workout, and definitely something I’ve been needing.

Maybe this is dramatic, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget how I felt on Bike 34 during my first ride.

PS: If you have any questions about your first time, please ask! I’m definitely not a SoulCycle expert, but I can definitely help with any concerns/questions you might have if you’re thinking of going!

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