My Travel Goals For 2018

While I’m definitely not a “travel” blogger, I still like to incorporate travel into my content. Obviously, I need to travel to do so. But the question is, “How do I get to the “travel goals” level?”

Travel Goals 2018 by popular New York blogger The Champagne Edit

Traveling is such a beautiful thing. It’s so great to get out and explore new places. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to travel expenses and arrangements, so I just DON’T go. But I know I need to get over this irrational way of thinking and just TRAVEL. Luckily, I have a great travel buddy in Allie, so I always know I’m in good hands.

The older I get, the more important traveling becomes. Elle gave me the idea of putting together a list of travel goals for 2018. Isn’t she the best? So now I need to hold myself accountable now that it’s out on the blog;) Here are some of my travel goals for this year!

  • Switzerland (Allie let’s book our trip, k) | I don’t know when Switzerland became high up on my list…but it did
  • Amsterdam | I feel like everyone is heading there, and I’ve heard such amazing things, so it’s definitely top of mind!
  • Napa | Allie and I have been talking about Napa for a while, and Elle has been wanting to go too…so basically we are DEFINITELY making this happen.
  • Beach vacay| Matt and I are very lazy people, so a beach getaway is for sure needed for us. I love the idea of sitting in the sand with a drink in hand for hours and hours!
  • More weekend trips | I forgot how much fun it is to just take a three day weekend to getaway. Although they’re kinda exhausting, it’s always important to get out of the city for a few days. Since I work a 9-to-5 job, it’s tough to take too many days off in a row…so weekend trips are a great way to get to travel more!

As far as travel content, I definitely need to step up my game. I know I’ll never be a “travel influencer” who creates only travel content, but I do want to start doing MORE travel content. I go to blogs ANYTIME I want to travel to a new place. So I want The Champagne Edit to be that for you as well! Definitely a big goal of mine for 2018!

What are some of your ultimate travel destinations?! Let me know what’s on your list!

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  1. 3.19.18
    Elle said:

    Wow, I’m the best??? Oh you shouldn’t have. I want to go EVERYWHERE

  2. 3.19.18

    NAPA!! Seriously that’s been on my list forever too (as a fellow wine/champs lover, obviously!!) I can’t wait to see you plan more weekend trips too!

  3. 3.19.18

    But can I come though?? I want to go to Provence when the lavender is like… blooming. #GOALS. Also, the Amalfi Coast is calling my name!!!

  4. 3.19.18
    Monica said:

    I loveeeed Amsterdam (and went for only three days, so def doable for a quick trip) and Switzeland will always be one of my favorite places in the world. Fingers crossed you make it there this year!!

  5. 3.19.18

    Amsterdam and Switzerland are both amazing! I’m dying to head back to both.

  6. 3.19.18
    Allie said:

    I think a travel list is a great way to make sure you go to some places you really want to. My list is Italy, Charleston and the Keys. xAllie

  7. 3.19.18

    Switzerland is one of my FAVE places I’ve been! You definitely need to do Grindelwald if you go – it was incredible. I absolutely love weekend trips (Newport or anywhere in Maine in the summer are my fave), but I feel like I need to finally make some real plans this year for longer trips – San Francisco, London, and Cartagena are at the top of my list!

    xx Caroline

  8. 3.19.18
    The Adored Life said:

    Ahhhh! What an incredible trip to Switzerland would be with Allie! My parents went years ago and they STILL talk about it because it’s just that good! I can’t wait to see photos when it happens, you HAVE to go!
    The Adored Life

  9. 3.19.18
    Rachel said:

    Heck to the yes – love your 2018 travel goals, Dana! Amsterdam and Switzerland are both on my list as well, among a few New England destinations for weekend trips.

  10. 3.20.18

    Your travel destinations are fabulous! I would love to go to all of these places and weekend trips are my favorite. I love looking forward to them!

    xo Laura Leigh

  11. 3.21.18

    Umm all those International trips are giving me some serious wunderlust!!! Never thought about visiting Switzerland but if you go, I’ll be stalking those pictures like a hawk to see if I want to! haha

    How 2 Wear It []

  12. 3.26.18

    I am right there with you! So many travel goals and it’s so easy to find reasons not to do it. I want to step up my game as well. I will say, I highly recommend Excellence Playa Mujeres if you want a great resort to just sit and relax!

  13. 3.27.18
    Trisha Lobo said:

    I’ve been seeing such beautiful pictures of Vietnam off late. Will try to visit there this year. A place I visited and loved was Venice..
    – Trisha