4 Top Summer 2016 Trends

Now that it’s OFFICIALLY (yet, not really that official) summer and the beginning of June, I can’t help but start thinking about my summer wardrobe….especially because it’s already a million degrees in NYC! I have a ton of new summer content coming to Pink Champagne Problems soon and I’m so excited to share it all with you!

Today let’s talk about those summer trends we’ll be seeing everywhere…

When it comes to building your wardrobe, one of the biggest factors is looking at the current trends and choosing which versions of them you plan on bringing into your personal style. If all you do is follow the trends religiously, your wardrobe will seriously lack originality—and that’s the complete opposite of what fashion is supposed to be used for! 

I’m all about using fashion to express yourself. Whether it’s how I’m feeling that day specifically or it’s a larger reflection of my beliefs and who I am, fashion is an art form that not enough people take advantage of. With that being said, popular styles seen on the runways always gives me an idea for what the fashion landscape will look like, and they can also help broaden my mind when it comes to trends.

Ever feel like you keep wearing and choosing the same clothes over and over? Playing with fashion trends is one of the best ways to get over your wardrobe obsessions and mix things up a little! As for this summer, there are plenty of wearable trends that you can mix into your wardrobe for a fresh new style. Below are some of my picks for summer 2016!

Latin Influence: With Spanish ruffles making dresses way more flirty, there’s something so undeniably “summer” about the Latin influence trend for this season. Looks from Salvatore Ferragamo and Balmain are the perfect inspiration for wearing this fun style (and twirling around!). I love the idea of an off the should dress with ruffles – It’s the perfect way to show some skin while still keeping it classy!

Flat Sandals: With all the sneakers on the market, sometimes it’s just refreshing to wear a great pair of flat sandals. They’re cool and casual, but they’re much more stylish than the flip-flops of yesteryear. Featuring lace-up gladiators and chic slides, there is a list of flat sandals that has me dreaming of my next getaway. Check it out! 

Romantic Frocks: Another big trend for this summer is the vintage, romantic dress. With florals, ruffles, and other old-timey details, these frocks are refreshing and feminine. Get a flowy maxi to add to your collection for ultimate versatility.

Baggy Pants: A bit more refined than the daisy dukes we used to flounce around in, wide-leg pants are definitely having a moment. It’s suggested to wear oversized bottoms with a tight shirt or crop top to even out the proportions. The feel of this style is almost Parisian and would look fabulous with a neck scarf!

What are some of the biggest trends you’re seeing for this summer? How do you plan on wearing them?

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