3 Tips To DeStress While On Vacation

There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and constantly worrying about all of the things you should have gotten done before you left. Or worry about how much work you’ll come home to…

3 Tips To DeStress While On Vacation by NYC blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems

3 Tips To De-Stress While On Vacation by NYC blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems 3 Tips To DeStress While On Vacation by NYC blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems 3 Tips To DeStress While On Vacation by NYC blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems3 Tips To De-Stress While On Vacation by NYC blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems Easy Summer Dresses 3 Tips To DeStress While On Vacation by NYC blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems Easy Summer Dresses 3 Tips To De-Stress While On Vacation by NYC blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems Easy Summer Dresses Easy Summer Dresses

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When it comes to being on vacation, it’s usually pretty hard for me to shut down 100%. Now that I’ve really started to incorporate travel as a main focus of Pink Champagne Problems, a lot of my recent travels have been for “work” purposes. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE partnering with hotels, restaurants, etc. when I travel, but it is definitely considered more of the time consuming content I create.

Since I balance two jobs, time is ridiculously precious to me. Now, when I travel, I have some tips to destress in place in order to make sure I’m still getting the relaxing vacation experience!

Be less social…

My phone is always in my hand. And I’m being very serious about that. I know how bad of a habit it is, so that’s why when I’m on vacation, I try to stay off social media as much as possible. Then again, social media is a huge part of my job…especially when I’m traveling for work. If this is the case, I limit myself to the mindless scrolling I do to the nighttime and try not to be on social media throughout the day. My only exception is when I have schedule posts that need to go out (i.e. Instagram). Other than that, I really don’t pay attention to social media. Oh and guess what? THE WORLD DOESN’T END!!!

Be in the moment…

Yes, my last trip was a “work trip”. And yes, my next trip (this weekend) is another work trip. But I’ve found on of the biggest tips to de-stress is to be in the moment when you’re on vacation…no matter what you’re doing! So if Matt and I are taking some photos, I make sure to REALLY take in my surroundings and enjoy the time we’re spending together. Matt and I have a lot of fun while we’re shooting, and I really appreciate his willingness to learn camera settings, lighting, angles, what types of photos I like and dislike, etc.

For example, while we were in Salem, we had dinner reservations at a seafood place, Finz, for like 8PM. I knew I wanted to get some photos in before dinner at this cute lighthouse on the water. So Matt and I went almost an hour earlier to get decent lighting (possibly a sunset shoot, but it ended up being way too hot). Matt didn’t complain once and really worked on getting good shots for me! I was actually the one complaining about the heat and not being able to do a sunset shoot. I definitely don’t take that for granted…especially when we’re on vacation.

Be more in the moment and you’re guaranteed to create some great vacation memories. This one is real important.

Be grateful…

Seriously. If you’re lucky enough to be on a vacation (whether it’s through work or not), be GRATEFUL that you get to have these experiences. It’s OKAY to remind yourself that you DESERVE to be on vacation. You DESERVE to unplug. We shouldn’t feel guilty about this, am I right?! I mean I always think about how lucky I am to have PAID vacation days. If you’re in the corporate world, you most likely have these benefits. As in…your company LITERALLY pays you to go on vacation. I feel even luckier that I get to use those benefits from my corporate job to enhance what I’m trying to do as a travel blogger.

Simple things like this are my biggest tips to de-stress while I’m on vacation. Some other easy tips to de-stress while on vacation are: Get a page-turning book, engage in a quick 10-minute meditation, and set some ground rules for yourself (i.e. not answering emails, not constantly scrolling through a feed, etc.).

What are some of YOUR big tips to destress (especially on vacation!)? I’d LOVE for you to share them below!


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  1. 6.21.17
    Peppermint Dolly said:

    Great post, i have a meditation app that I like to listen to for 5mins a day, I think it really helps me to chill out – I love your outfit here!!


  2. 6.21.17
    Elle said:

    It’s always so hard to unplug when going on vacation since we live in such a digital age. I’m going to Ireland later this year with the fam and I’m SO excited that I can’t bring my work computer and I won’t really have wifi / cell service since it is in a foreign country. I have no choice but to not check my emails. Can’t wait! Also work can wait, it is important to completely recharge your batteries before going back! xo

  3. 6.21.17
    Natali said:

    Such a simple and great beach time look!


  4. 6.21.17

    I totally feel ya with this! Having supportive friends and family when you’re on vacation can mean the world, but I try to remind myself to really spend quality time with them and get away from the instagram world. Also, loving this Massachusetts background 🙂 You’re making me miss home!

    xx Caroline

  5. 6.21.17
    Jenn Lake said:

    Love this so much! The perfect summer look!

  6. 6.21.17

    This is SO awesome gal! I seriously need to take all of these tips and put them to use next vacation. I’m the worst at still stressing on vacation. Also this hat on you is everything!

    xo Laura Leigh

  7. 6.21.17

    I also always have my phone in my hand when I’m on the go, on the subway, but I really try to put it away and be present when I’m out to dinner or with friends on vacation. It really drives me nuts when people are on their phones when you’re trying to talk to them so I try to extend the same courtesy! Of course, Instagrams have to be posted, but otherwise, I try to stay off too! Love love this dress too, I just may need to order!

    x Diana // Pearl Girl

  8. 6.21.17

    These are great! I think trading in a book ( a real book) for an electronic device is a good tip. I am trying to do that this summer anyway. Love reading about your travels, and if you ever need a travel buddy… you know where Im at!

  9. 6.21.17
    kelsey said:

    I can’t wait to use these tips the next time I am on vacation.
    Xo, Kelsey | http://www.petiteinherpearls.com

  10. 6.22.17

    Great post, Dana! It can be really hard to turn off on vacation, especially if you are wanting to share you travels. But I definitely love your tip on staying in the moment and being grateful. Can’t wait to see where you’re going next! xo Bryn http://www.waketonroad.com

  11. 6.22.17

    Once, I went on a vacay with my boyfriend and spent all day on the phone! I felt so bad, but you definitely have a point. Be. In. The. Moment.

    Loving your outfit, BTW!


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  12. 6.27.17
    Krista said:

    Love doing a mini meditation too! Such a good tip babe! 🙂 gorgeous post.

  13. 6.28.17

    oh hey, cute sun flare 😉



  14. 9.28.17
    VarunaJithesh said:

    Nice looking outfit..