Things I’ve Watched Recently

I’m one of those people who doesn’t really love to watch TV…unless it’s absolutely binge-worthy.

I’m also notoriously known for just having the TV on in the background. I don’t really pay attention to shows — I always get distracted…whether it’s scrolling on my phone, working on my blog, or talking on the phone.

The Real Housewives I’ll admit, I’m an OG Housewives fan. I’ve watched pretty much every one of them. I just think between the ridiculous drama and lavish lifestyles, it makes for great TV. Plus following Bravo-fan accounts on Instagram is fun too.

The White Lotus This show is ALL the rave on HBOMax. Rob and I started watching it like two weeks ago and we were hooked. We think it’s SO funny – the show is so well-written. I can’t believe it’s only 6 episodes, UGH. I did just see that it got renewed for a second season, so that’s awesome. It’s funny, satirical, and slightly dark. Plus, the location (Four Seasons in Hawaii) they shot at was UNBELIEVABLE.

Mare of Easttown If you’re signed up for my newsletter, I’ve talked about Mare of Easttown multiple times. Kate Winslet’s performance was PERFECTION – and I haven’t gasped at a TV show like that since I was addicted to Sons of Anarchy. It was heartbreaking, and tugged at your heart strings, but ultimately such a LOVE.

Cruel Summer I binged this, but like, didn’t FULLY watch it. I thought it was just ok. I was kinda annoyed with the storyline for whatever reason, but still just put it on when I had nothing else to watch.

American Horror Stories I watched the first season of AHS and then the one with Lady Gaga, and thought they were cool. I knew Rob liked the series too, so we started watching the new season. The first episode was fine, and then the second episode was stupid, so we stopped watching. Thinking we’ll give it another shot when we’re super bored.

What are you watching these days? Anything I need to binge?

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