The Friday Edit, Vol. 77

From what I’m eyeing and buying to what I’m up to over the weekend, to links I’m absolutely loving. AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. This is your weekly edit, by Dana.

the edit

High: Midweek sleepover with my gals + Rubi (Lexi’s adorable Frenchie).

Low: Feeling bummed that December flew by.

the weekend update

I cannot believe Christmas is in just a few days!

I’m spending this weekend at home to focus on getting last minute Christmas things done, cleaning up my room, organizing, shooting, etc. I’m also taking my mom to finally upgrade her phone. She’s been stuck with an iPhone SE for a million years, so it’s definitely time to get her a new one.

Tomorrow night, I’m getting drinks with my sister and our childhood friend while our moms go out for their annual friend Christmas dinner. We were planning on crashing, but we’re going to the post-dinner bar instead to meet them after their dinner.

Next week, I have one sponsored post going live on Monday, and then Elle and I will be taking the rest of the week off to recharge and get a much needed break for the holiday. We’ll be back to normal content on Monday, December 30th!

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday (no matter what you celebrate). It’s the best time to spend with your loved ones, or just take a rest from your normal, every day life. Cheers to an incredible 2019!

the links i’m loving this week

the things i’m eyeing and buying

today i will…

Wear a cozy outift.

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