The Friday Edit, Vol. 71

From what I’m eyeing and buying to what I’m up to over the weekend, to links I’m absolutely loving. AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. This is your weekly edit, by Dana.

the edit

High: Had such a good girls’ night on Wednesday with my two coworkers. We had a sleepover with wine, lots of food, and girl talk!

Low: Not getting a blog post up on Monday. I know I shouldn’t get down on myself for that – but eh, it happens.

the weekend update

Now that *I think* Fall is officially in full swing, I’m so excited for chilly weekends!

Tonight is going to be SO fun. Elle’s birthday is October 13th (isn’t it weird that her birthday is on my FAVORITE day ever? Meant to be besties!). When Elle surprised me with a bestie day for my birthday – we got these “friendship” bracelets at The Welding Annex in Brooklyn – I knew I wanted to do something special with her for her birthday. So TONIGHT we are doing a pizza making class with bottomless wine. Fun fact: Elle was allergic to tomatoes for most of her life…AND NOW SHE ISN’T. I thought this was such a cool thing to do together, and have some much needed bestie time to celebrate my girl! I wrote this post last year for Elle’s birthday and everything still holds SO true. Everyone really does need an Elle in their lives…you just can’t have mine;)

Tomorrow, we’re doing her SoulCycle birthday ride with our friend Drew, and then who knows where the day is going to take us!

Sunday calls for football and a SoulCycle charity ride for the Bahamas hosted by a friend I met in Croatia. She’s been working really hard to provide relief for the Bahamas, and I love that she’s doing this charity ride. If you’d like to supper

the links i’m loving this week

the things i’m eyeing and buying

today i will…

Celebrate my best friend!

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