The Friday Edit, Vol. 66

From what I’m eyeing and buying to what I’m up to over the weekend, to links I’m absolutely loving. AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. This is your weekly edit, by Dana.

the edit

Highs –

On Sunday, Matt and I spontaneously went to the pool with the kids, my aunt, and uncle. It’s so awesome how much the boys love Matt, my heart truly just melts into a puddle. So that was a lot of fun!

Also, having a slumber party with my coworkers on Tuesday night!

Lows –

Does being tired count?

What are some of your highs and lows from this week?

the weekend update

Tonight Matt and I are going to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He’s been wanting to see it since it came out, so that’s what we’re doing. Because I’m just a good girlfriend. DUH. Tomorrow morning, we’re heading to Long Island to hang out with Matt’s family. I’m excited for a day of lots of BBQ, spending time on the boat, and hanging with the other side of Matt’s family that we don’t see as often.

On Sunday, I need to figure out my life, LOL. I have a super last minute campaign that I absolutely must shoot, so I’m hoping I can get it done on Sunday!

What are you up to this weekend?

the links i’m loving this week

the things i’m eyeing and (not) buying

See what I did there….NOT BUYING. Just eyeing…or already own;)

today i will…

Get a slurpie at the movie theater.

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