Croatia Packing List

I cannot believe I’m leaving for Croatia in just THREE DAYS.

Traveling to Croatia? New York City fashion blogger, The Champagne Edit shares the best Croatia Packing List. If you're heading abroad check it out!

I cannot believe I’m going on my second trip with SurfYogaBeer in just a few short days. When I went to Miami as a “trial” vacation, I immediately knew I wanted to go on an international trip. I just had to pick which trip (there’s SO many locations: Croatia, Portugal, Iceland, Amalfi Coast). After our usual 10:45AM SoulCycle class on January morning, a group of us headed to Juice Press and spontaneously booked the Croatia trip. And now…here we are.

This trip is a little different because we’re mostly there for the working out/adventure part. While we’ll definitely have a few “going out nights”, I think we’re going to be pretty relaxed for the most part. I wanted to share a few practical pieces that I’m packing, as well as what I plan on wearing! I’m also truly trying not to overpack. I overpacked for Miami and it was a HUGE mistake, SO annoying.


Most likely the most important thing I’ll pack? I’m shocked I remembered this, but I did. I ordered a more powerful one from Amazon (with great reviews) because I wanted to make sure I could use it for all of my devices and products (laptop, phone, curling iron, etc.)

new ray ban sunglasses

I wanted to get some new cool girl sunglasses, so I picked up the hexagon sunglasses in the classic green/gold frames. I plan on bringing these, my Celine cat eyes, my aviators, and my round pair…because you know. YA GIRL HAS GOT TO HAVE OPTIONS.

swimsuits and coverups

When we’re not in workout gear, I think we’re going to be in our bathing suits. I actually picked up most of my suits from Shein. Weird, I know. Fit is always a hit or miss, but I really lucked out this order. I also got a few cover ups and kimonos to throw on whether we’re exploring or on the boat!


The older I get, the more grossed out I am about everything. I’m definitely not a germophobe, but when I REALLY stop to think about it, everything I touch is SO gross. The subway alone freaks me out, yet I’m still going to put my hands on the rails. When it comes to planes, I ain’t playing around anymore. As soon as I get on my flight, I’m going to wipe down EVERYTHING I possibly could. Since I have a fairly long stretch before we get to our 1st stop in Dublin, I plan on doing some work to get tired. I don’t want my laptop touching the tray (UGH, SO GROSS), so I’m glad I’ll have these wipes with me!

travel pouches

I stumbled upon these travel pouches and knew they’d be perfect for not only travel, but also for every day life! They’re perfect for clearing TSA with your liquids, and also great to bring to the beach! I also usually have 1-2 of these pouches in my big bag that I commute with. I stuff them with everything from toiletries to beauty products to a small notebook, pens, and my Apple Pencil.

not your mother’s travel products

I’ve been raving about Not Your Mother’s hair products for a few weeks, so I knew I needed to stock up on some travel sized ones. Although I can technically bring my larger bottles, I’m trying to save as much space as possible.


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