The Friday Edit, Vol. 21

From what I’m eyeing and buying to links I’m absolutely loving. This is your weekly edit, by Dana.

The Edit


Hands down my website relaunch! I finally love my brand, my site, and the response has been amazing!

I also got dinner with my former boss on Wednesday, and it was SO great to see her. She was one of my first mentors at Perry Ellis, and I’m so lucky to have her in my life. We definitely miss her around the office though!


I got pink eye towards the end of last week, and it’s been SO annoying…and gross. UGH!

What are some of your highs and lows from this week?

The Weekend Update

It’s about to be a JAM PACKED weekend. Today after work, I’m getting my lashes done (because #treatyoself). Then, Allie and I are going to shoot a few looks/campaigns and reward ourselves with dinner out. (Allie, think about somewhere new/fun for us to go. K thanks.)

Tomorrow, I’m heading to the Color Block Party at the new Pier 17 by the Seaport. I’m so excited because I’ve always loved the Seaport, and I love that they’re really building it up! I stopped by the pier on Tuesday night, and immediately got so excited for the party. I’m also DYING to see the newest art installation from Geronimo (remember the massive installation at Lincoln Center?)

After the party, I’m heading to dinner with my family and my godfather’s family. My godfather is my dad’s best friend, and last year we started a tradition of ALL of us going to dinner every summer. We used to spend a lot of time together when we were little, and until last year, we hadn’t seen each other in so long. Last summer we had SO much fun, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Sunday, Matt and I are going to hang by my sister’s pool ALL DAY long because it’s supposed to be so hot. Funny thing is: My sister and brother-in-law won’t be home….oh well;)

The Things I’m Loving This Week

The Items I’m Eyeing (& Buying)

Today I Will…

Try a new restaurant for dinner.

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