The Friday Edit, Vol. 16

A weekly edit, by Dana.

The Edit


This week, I’ve been feeling really good about my savings. If you know me, you know I like to spend, spend, spend. Not just on clothes, shoes, or bags, but on ANYTHING. Sure, I’ll get that extra $15 drink at dinner. Or sure I’ll add that $10 massage at the nail salon. What you MAY not know is that I put myself into credit card debt throughout college and a bit after college. Luckily, I changed my ways and have been super smart with my income over the last few months. What. A. Game. Changer. It’s been so relieving seeing my 401k and savings account grow!


I feel like I say this every. single. Friday, but man another long week. I feel like there is just NO time in the day. Before I know it, it’s 12AM and I’m still working on my blog. I feel like I have zero time to read through emails, comment on my favorite blog posts, or look at my stats. A little discouraging TBH, but I know I just need to make time and stop giving myself excuses.

What are some of your highs and lows from this week?

This weekend is Mother’s Day and I’m really excited to be able to spend it with my mommy and Matt’s mom. Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be with Matt’s family. I want to take Matt’s mom to get her nails done or something and then maybe lunch! And on Sunday, I’ll be with my family celebrating my mommy! We already told her we got tickets to the Donna Summer’s Broadway play (because she was making plans to be away that weekend….OF COURSE), so not too many surprises up our sleeves;)

What I’m Loving This Week

Things I’m Buying (and Eyeing)

Today I Will…

Take a step back from being overwhelmed. And just breathe.

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