Turn It Up 20

Many of you might have realized this by now, but I drank a lot of the SoulCycle Kool-Aid.

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (danamannarino, add me!) then you’ll notice just HOW much I talk about SoulCycle. Ever since Hallie really pushed me to take a class, I can’t stop. And then SoulCycle decided to challenge me.

Take 20 classes in 31 days – TURN IT UP 20 CHALLENGE. Starting today, I’m committed to the challenge – just praying my budget allows me to keep up with $34/class;)

WHAT I’M HOPING FOR: I want to be healthier – mentally and physically. I feel my body getting stronger with each class. There’s just something about SoulCycle that leaves me speechless after a class. I come out of class with a huge smile on my face…and I’m also sweaty, very, very sweaty. LOVE IT.

Also, since I’ve been motivated to work out more and attend SoulCycle classes, I’ve been really loving athletic wear. Shoes, leggings, tanks, to-and-from class pieces.

Shop some of my favorite pieces below:

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