4 Slouchy Socks You Should Have In Your Closet

Slouchy Socks You Should Buy

A few years ago, I would have never been caught dead wearing socks with sandals. Or slouchy socks. But then they got trendy, and I started liking some of the looks I was seeing. I also get asked randomly where my socks are from on TikTok and Instagram, so I felt like socks deserved their very own post here on It’s Casual. They’re not groundbreaking by ANY means, but they’re all great for different reasons!

Slouchy Socks You Should Have In Your Closet

White Socks

I got a 10 pack of these last year and they’re still going strong! I wear them mainly with athletic/casual sneakers. They’re the perfect slouchy athletic sock and I LOVE the price. Obviously good for under a tall boot as well! I think this is the sock I get MOST asked about – it seems silly, but I feel like everyone is just trying to find THE sock, ya know?


I randomly picked these up when I was shopping for some bralettes and undies, and I really like them! They’re soft and perfect for lounging. I also wear them with my boots and booties! They honestly feel like a tight hug…in the best way possible. Should I call these my emotional support slouchy socks?

Cashmere Socks

My sister had these and I did two things within a minute of seeing them — 1. Stole a pair and wore them for 3 days straight and 2. Ordered three pairs of my own. So as you can see, I think I like ’em. The only downside is that they pill almost immediately. I pointed that out to my sister, and she was like, “okay, they’re socks????” So that made me feel better. I honestly might ordered a de-piller just to scratch that itch. But seriously THEY. ARE. SO. SOFT.

And while we’re on cashmere — I also own every color of these cashmere blend socks as well. When you think about it, wearing cashmere socks is kind of luxurious, no?

Bombas Socks

I was introduced to Bombas by my friend when we worked for Free People. I remember borrowing a pair from her and understood the hype. I own both the ankle length and the calf. I love them both but I’ve gotten SO much wear out of the mid-calf socks. They’re so comfortable and I love the slight compression they give. Oh and if you have never heard of Bombas, they’re a fabulous company built on giving back. So when you buy a pair of socks, a pair is donated to someone in need. You can also always get 20% off your FIRST order using code COMFORT20.

Okay tell me, what slouchy socks are you buying?!

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