Saying Goodbye To Bad Habits, And Sticking With Good Ones

Habits. There’s good ones and there’s bad ones. And it’s time to say SEE YA NEVER to the bad ones.

I think as we get older we get to know ourselves better and better. With that comes the knowledge of what is good and bad for our lifestyles, and the habits that we create daily. When I think about habits

3 bad habits I’m saying SEE YA NEVER to

Midnight snacking

This honestly speaks for itself. I’ve always been a big snack guy. While it’s not always midnight, sometimes I’m just bored and want to snack on something before bed. GOT. TO. STOP.

Forgetting to wash my face after a long night

The older I get, the more important my skincare routine becomes. So even after a late night, I’m trying to be better about washing my face. Even when I’m back and forth between home and Matt’s, I try to keep my routine the same.

Not being present

It’s a problem that my phone keeps me occupied a good portion of the day. Not only do I spend less time paying attention to those around me, but I also don’t give 100% to whatever else I’m doing.

3 good habits I want to keep around


Now that one of my instructors turned friends has gone off to the UK for a year, it’s honestly a bit hard for me to want to go to SoulCycle. I know that’s dramatic and the feeling will pass, but right now, I’m meh about it. But my friends and I have already booked some classes with other instructors. It’s true that Soul is more about the community than anything, so I’m keeping these people around.

Saying “I love you” more

I’ve always been an affectionate person. It’s always been a habit of mine to say “I love you” to my parents whenever we were leaving each other or even just hanging up the phone. The importance of telling the ones you love that you DO, in fact, love them. I’ve started making a habit to tell Matt and my friends that I love them…just because ya never know.

Saving and 401k

Hate to admit it, but I was a terrible saver for the first 4 years out of college. Last year, I really started cracking down and saved a lot of my blog income. I put away 30% for taxes and 30% for savings, and I also take a chunk of my biweekly paycheck and put that in my savings as well. Luckily, I always had a 401k, so my goal is to continue increasing the percentage of contribution!

Habits are naturally a part of our lives. Whether they’re good or bad, it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep them around or not. What are some of the habits you want to let go of OR keep around?!

photos by laurel creative

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