Random Things I’ve Found On Amazon

It’s actually pretty comical JUST how much we’ve been spoiled by Amazon.

I mean, the Prime perks are just insane. And the AMOUNT of things you can find on there? GENIUS. Sometimes I find myself getting angry when packages that aren’t from Amazon don’t arrive in 2 days. We are SO spoiled, but hey, I have found some incredible things on Amazon. So I wanted to share some of them today!

Acrylic Shelves

I have A LOT of sunglasses. So one day I looked on Amazon for some shelves, and BAM. In two days, I had a pretty display for my sunglasses. Then, I was like WHAT ELSE CAN I USE THESE FOR? Enter: All of my skin care products. LIFE. CHANGING.

These shelves can either be hung by screws into the wall or  stuck on the wall using Command strips. I went the Command strip road for my sunglasses, but when it came to my skincare products, I need to drill holes into my bathroom wall because they’re heavy.

THE Amazon Coat

I guess this isn’t random, but it kind of is. Like who buys a winter coat on Amazon? But we all know about THE coat (pictured above). If you live in New York City, you’ve seen approximately 4 or 5 of these coats every 10 seconds. It’s actually INSANE how many people have this coat, but I totally get the hype.

It’s warm, has a TON of detail, and a great price. I HIGHLY recommend this.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I’ve done my fair share of splurging on blue light blocking frames. Then I found this Amazon pair…and bought like 3 different colors.


Last summer, I went to an event in the Hamptons and stopped by this vendor. They were giving samples of Treo and I immediately became OBSESSED with the Raspberry Lemonade. I tracked it down on Amazon, ordered a few cases to my house…and then my dad became obsessed with it too!

Bluetooth Keyboard

When I got my iPad, I was thinking about what accessories I could get. I know there’s cases that have the built in bluetooth keyboard, but I didn’t want to carry around something that bulky all the time, especially if I wasn’t ALWAYS using the keyboard. I found this keyboard and LOVE it. I use it for when I need to be on Instagram for extended periods of time. I like that there’s the capability to connect it to up to three devices, so I can connect both my phone and my iPad to comment, engage, and answer DMs.

AirPods Case

When I got my AirPods, I always just threw them in my bag and they were actually kind of annoying to find. I decided to look for a case that I can hook onto some part of my bag, and found this case. I just love the little poof it comes with too!

WiFi Plugs

So Matt actually introduced me to WiFi plugs. I decided to order some for the lights in my room because I’m honestly just too lady to get up to go to the light switch. I connected them with a certain app on my phone, and DATS IT. Super convenient.



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