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C H A M P A G N E  T A S T E

I have a bridal shower to attend in a week, and have NO idea how to dress for the in-between weather. What would you wear?
This weather is crazy, I know! If I had a bridal shower to go to, I’d opt for a dress with sleeves. I wore this one in London, but I think it would be cute and fun for a special occasion. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive I love this off the shoulder midi dress or this pleated shift dress (the pop of color is adorable)!

Do you have an everyday makeup routine/have any products you love?
Let’s get real: I’m NOT huge on make up. 1. I’m too lazy to do it every day and 2. I can’t imagine putting a lot of things on my face. With that being said, there are a few products that I genuinely do love and use “often”. I also have been more into cleansing products more than make up.

  • Patchology: You’ve probably seen this post. I’m obsessed with Patchology products because they help keep my skin hydrated and it does it fast. They recently came out with night gels that I’m dying to try.
  • Lips: If there’s one thing I love when it comes to make up, it’s lipstick. There’s nothing like a good red lip or even a subtle nude lip. My go-to for color is the NARS matte lip pencil (favorite colors are Dragon Girl, Cruella, Train Bleu, Damned, and Bahama). I keep it in place by using either of Laura Mercier or bareMinerals lip liner – in similar shades to the color I’m wearing.
  • Tula: I love the Hydrating Day & Night cream so much!

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C H A M P A G N E  F I N D S

I usually HATE getting emails from stores, but I signed up to get Bandier emails and now I want everything. EVERYTHING. I know sometimes it’s hard to justify a “bigger” purchase if it’s just for working out, but a lot of times they last longer and have amazing properties. I’ve heard amazing things about these Nike Zonal tights and I’m dying for a pair of the Roshe Two SE, but they’re sold out in my size (hopefully they come back in stock soon!).

If you’re in the market for less expensive workout gear, I highly recommend Gap. I decided to get to the gym this week, but I didn’t have my gym bag with me. I popped into Gap after work and before my class and left with $200 worth of things – check out some of my favorites below!

C H A M P A G N E  D A I L Y


I wish I knew where Mother Nature’s head was at…65 degrees one day and snow the next? That’s crazy. And very annoying, ha!

Tonight is date night: Matt and I are going to look for a new restaurant/bar to get some food and drinks back. Our date nights usually end with us stopping for froyo and then grabbing a bottle of wine to have at the apartment.

I’m also shooting a few looks on Saturday and it’s going to be 30 degrees. Pray for me and my extremities;)

C H A M P A G N E  G A I N S

I went to EQX Barre Burn on Tuesday and then the Equinox I go to is closed for a charity event until Sunday. Instead of trekking to a different location, I just went back to my favorite workout: SoulCycle. Every time I get on the bike in Mantas’ class, I feel so much better – physically and mentally. No matter how long I go without riding, whenever I get back on the bike, I just feel the rhythm and have fun. Mantas is also just a ridiculous human being, so it’s always fun to get to see him.

I hope you enjoy this Pop! Fizz! Chat! series as much I enjoy writing and researching for it. If you ever have a question you’d like me to answer, feel free to shoot me an email, tweet me, send me a DM on Instagram, or ask it anonymously here!

H A P P Y  W E E K E N D !

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  1. 3.10.17

    Another great one! Y’all’s date night traditions sound amazing. Can’t go wrong with froyo and wine. Have a great weekend gal!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 3.10.17

    Loved reading this! Makeup routines can take forever and sometimes I just forget it and go bare face! Have fun on date night!

    Brittany 🙂

  3. 3.10.17
    Peppermint Dolly said:

    Woo for date night – ya can’t beat it!!


  4. 3.10.17
    vaishali verma said:

    Loves reading same. Even we have a date night tonight but looking at this swinging weather I am still unsure what to wear. Always a fight..hehe