Pistola Denim Turner Barrel Pant Review

Pistola Denim Barrel Pant Review

You know I love something when I immediately want to write a post about it. The Pistola Denim team graciously gifted me this pant and I’ve been wearing it nonstop ever since. I’ve worn it working from home, to the office, and on the weekends. To me, that makes it a PERFECT versatile pant to include in your wardrobe.

I gotta be honest, I don’t typically stray from my usual denim brands. You’ll find that my denim is mostly made up of Madewell, AGOLDE, and Everlane jeans. I had heard really great things from other people on Pistola Denim, BUT never pulled the trigger. Now that I’ve tried only ONE pair…I’m honestly sold. And I’m already looking at new styles to add to my rotation!

Pistola Denim Review: Turner Barrel Pant

Barrel pants are the talk of the town right now. In both good and bad ways. I actually am a huge fan of barrel pants. Obviously living in New York and working in fashion, I’m typically more open to more blatantly fashion forward silhouettes. I don’t think the barrel pant is anything that crazy, but I know people really find barrel pants to be hit or miss.

When I think about these Pistola Denim barrel pants, I’m not thinking of the exaggerated horseshoe one we’re seeing. These are a high rise, relaxed straight leg fit with the barrel shape (pretty understated in my opinion). I need to rave about the denim though. If you’re looking for a pant that you’ll be comfortable in ALL. DAY. LONG…these are it. They’re still a denim, but they have some added stretch for comfort, and they are just INCREDIBLY soft.

Pistola Denim Sizing

I found these pants to run pretty true to size. I actually sized up one from my normal denim size because I was worried about the fit. While they fit great in the thigh and hip, they’re definitely big in the waist so I wish I had went with my normal size. Keep in mind that with this specific pant, there’s spandex (even 1% is a lot!) and it’s a cotton/poly blend. So these definitely have some wiggle room vs a 100% cotton (which will actually also stretch out and mold to your body).

How To Style The Barrel Pant

I love the casual vibe of these Pistola Denim barrel pants. I think they give off that cool, effortless vibe without trying too hard. Because of this, I tend to lean into overtly casual dressing.

  • So into the monochromatic vibe – mainly because my wardrobe consists of A LOT of beiges and ivories (this one is a go to of mine)
  • Think they would be so cool paired with a white button down
  • Love them with ballet flats too

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