Packing For A Long Weekend In London

This will be my second time in London, and I still remember JUST how much Allie and I accomplished in a long weekend. I think I love London so much because of how similar it is to New York. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most seasoned traveler. Traveling makes me pretty anxious, and I genuinely dislike being away from New York. Things like packing don’t even come easy to me, so that’s why I’m also using this post as a crutch to help me gather my thoughts and hopefully help my other unwell travelers;) Nonetheless, I’m SO excited, so let’s talk about packing for a long weekend in London!

But let’s set the tone: I overpack no matter the occasion. I shove the most random things in my work bag just to fill up some space and have some “just in case” items. So you can only imagine what it looks like when I’m packing for a trip. This post is not only for you, but also to keep myself in check…and my suitcase under 50 lbs;)

What To Pack For A Long Weekend In London

Packing For A Long Weekend In London

Let’s check the weather

Okay yes, we know this – London is known for raining all the damn time, right?! Or is that a myth – London pals, help me out here. From what I’ve read, June-September is the peak season with not a TON of rain. As much as I wish I could predict the weather, I can’t. So I need to make sure I’m prepared because I sure as hell will not let a little rain ruin our quick trip.

No matter where I’m going, I usually start obsessively checking the weather weeks before my flight. What are the temps like day to night? Right now, at least, it seems like it’s fairly warm in the day, but chilly at night. I think I enjoy just being able to start mentally preparing myself for what the weather will be like when I hop off the plane (we <3 anxiety). There are two things I’m bringing with me on the trip: This trusty umbrella and this fun light layering piece that can be worn for rain or chillier evenings.

Ok, but your plans?

If you don’t know, I’m essentially going to London for one reason only – to see Harry Styles in concert. I know, it’s crazy, but we’re doing it. So while my concert outfits are taking up some space in my suitcase, I need to think about the rest of the itinerary – which is actually not very full considering this is a just a long weekend in London. I’m not going to London to take a bunch of pictures of my outfits (unlike my last trip). So essentially, I just need a couple of outfits for the day – just as I would if I were home in New York.

Wear easy colors

Luckily for me, this is an easy thing to remember because I don’t wear too much color. Most of the pieces in my closet are things that I’m able to wear with a few different outfits. Before every trip, I always try to make either a mental note or snap a quick picture of the outfits I want to wear, so that I really don’t need to think about getting dressed. Sticking to a neutral color palette while traveling MIGHT seem boring, but trust me, it really alleviates so much stress when you’re trying to get out the door. I started putting together outfits in Canva – whether they were looks I’ve already worn or newer pieces I have that I know will be perfect for London days.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I hate shoes. I’m just going to say that. My feet are always upset with me when I buy a new pair of shoes. So I definitely need to be thoughtful when I’m traveling. Since I’m used to walking so much in New York, I know which shoes will be able to give me a good run for my money. I would definitely avoid bringing new shoes that need some breaking in, but I’m not going to shy away from my sandals and flats that I know I can walk a couple of miles in.

Choose small accessories

I’m a bag girl. I love big bags. I know they’re not practical AT ALL while traveling, so I only bring one large bag to carry on and then I’m definitely planning on packing my Celine Triomphe bag. It’s honestly the ONLY bag I need, but I think I’ll also pack one of my Cadiz bags because they’re super easy to pack, and can also hold as little or as much as I need (see here’s where my “just in case” syndrome comes in). And of course, I’ll also be packing a clear bag to bring to Wembley Stadium – I always feel like that’s the best choice when going to a stadium.

When it comes to accessories, I don’t need much. The accessories that are always top of mind are: some small scarves, small hoop earrings, and sunglasses. I love that accessories really help to switch an outfit up in an instant. I also feel more polished when I have at least one of these pieces incorporated in my looks. Having a few accessories to choose from allows me to re-wear some pieces that I pack and make them feel different.

Packing for a long weekend in London doesn’t need to be stressful (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). Bookmark this post for any long weekend trip so you can reference!

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