My Latest Obsession With Cardigans

2013 Dana would be SO proud.

When I was in my J.CREW ONLY phase, their Jackie cardigan honestly played the biggest role in my wardrobe. I seriously wore it with EVERYTHING. And I owned it in EVERY color.

Now I couldn’t even imaging putting on a tight fitting cardigan, but hey, I rekindled my love with new, updated silhouettes and I’m IN LOVE. For me, cardigans have officially found their way back inside my closet, and I couldn’t be happier.

Today I wanted to share a few ways to style cardigans — dressed up, dressed down, and everything in between.

the cotton cardigan

When I purchased an open stitch, summer cardigan from Lou & Grey, I knew I was going to want them for fall. My first instinct was to check out Everlane. As someone who really has been trying to make their wardrobe super staple-piece focused, I knew they would have what I’m looking for! They’ve always been my go-to for great staple items that won’t break the bank. So when I saw this cardigan online, I knew I’d love it SO much. I love that you can wear it more casually and have it open, or you can kind of wear it as a top like I did in these photos!

the grandpa cardigan

I don’t think many people are surprised by the AMAZING product Abercrombie has been putting out lately. I’ve seriously been on the site weekly just to make sure I’m not missing anything new. LOL. I picked up this CRAZY SOFT long cable knit cardigan and I’ve been styling it so many ways. You loved it on Instagram (I posted a Reels video a few weeks ago), and I love wearing it. It really can be dressed up and down — which you would never think when you first buy a cardigan like this.

the coatigan

This Lou & Grey coatigan has been something I’ve loved since before I started working there. I was SO excited when I finally bought it and was finally able to pull it out again for fall. I love that we re-ran this style again for this season, and it comes in grey too! Of course now that I really enjoy the cardigans I’ve purchased, I’ve been looking all over for more options for you! I found this one on Amazon (only $35!) and this one in a similar waffle stitch!

I think they look super chic with denim and a tee!

So along with shackets (which if you see on Instagram, I’m VERY MUCH OBSESSED WITH), cardigans are one of my favorite pieces of fall. You’ll definitely be seeing them more around here and on the ‘gram, but I want to make sure that I’m styling things YOU want to see. So keep the suggestions coming!

fancy photos by allie provost (duh)

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  1. 10.22.20
    mahryska said:

    seriously loving the look babe!
    love from the sandpits of dubai..